Nov 20, 2008

In every office, there’s always that one person who:

  • Constantly complains about how much work they have, but doesn’t do shit about it
  • Boasts about how he/she had to work the weekend or until late at night, just to prove how committed he is
  • Confuses urgent with important
  • Announces every Monday the he/she is starting a diet
  • Can’t stop talking about her kids and all of their crappy achievements
  • Whose only topic of conversation is his problems (at work, at home, etc.)
  • Name drops
  • Talks a great deal, but is not a good listener
  • Is always telling people how happy she is just so she can believe it herself
  • Can’t stop talking about her past achievements and all the “important” people she knows


Anonymous said...

Fuck off and leave me alone!

Just kiddin'! :) I don't have kids, who have great achievements and don't know important people, I could talk about.
But once, when I was younger, goodness, people still talk about it, I...

PS: Again, great thoughts on this page!

writer said...

Definitely an account director.

Anonymous said...

account assistant! :)
working on that director thing!;)

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