Nov 6, 2008

joker's 20 on 20 with a twist: The Advertising Agency blog

For anyone who thought I couldn't keep count, don't think I've finished with my 20 on 20 series. This next installment though, took me by oh so pleasant surprise as The Ad Agency Blog is posting the Q & A on their blog. If you've never been to The Advertising Agency Blog know that you're missing a great take on Advertising from a really great writer who hails from the lands of luscious kangaroo meat, great white sharks, crocodiles, blond sheilas and great surf.

His blog is a series of blurbs, conversations and brilliant posts that capture advertising idiocy in all its glory and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't visit it from time to time just to verify that the unholy trek of advertising is not limited to any specific hemisphere or tectonic plate. Here are the links to the first three installments of the Q and A. Enjoy.

This first three parts of the 20-20 are in the following links. so feel free to click or copy and paste em.




My comments to all posts shall be added once the entire Q & A session is complete, which in reality means when I'm not ultra swamped with work, which should be rather soon.

Cheers, enjoy and stay tuned because I recently got the next batch of answers to the next 20-20.




Me said...

Holy Fucking Shit! The 20 on 20 are back! Damn dude, I missed them... Yeyyyyyy.

Joker said...

Another one is being organized as we speak. Expect it in the next two days. :D

Cheers luv... btw, some interesting posts and some interesting news. Stay tuned. :)

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