Nov 10, 2008

The Pepsi Reach Around, I mean Blogger Reach Out

If you happen to live under a rock or like me were swamped with work then went on vacation and THEN heard the news, Pepsi is in the midst of a logo change. To one up their previous 3,000 efforts at an image change to compete with the Soda Behemoth known as Coca Cola, they've taken 25 packages and sent them to 25 influential members of our beloved blogosphere. Now some people would probably think I'm bitter that us here at Why Advertising Sucks weren't considered for this little project but given the fact that we post anonymously and cuss more than a drunk biker who suffers from coprolalia, no offense to bikers, it's only natural that we weren't sent one of those cute packs with the new Pepsi cans.

Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger recently asked his own set of questions to his own panel of bloggers and we were asked to write, and like good little ad whores, we answered. I know Me already posted on this, but hey, double referrals for Mr. Logo Bigger can't be a bad thing.



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