Nov 28, 2008

A phrase that begins with Thu and ends in U

A day or two late but hey, it needs to be said.

On a day where we commemorate the passing of debilitating illnesses to our Native American brothers and sisters by way of consuming a disemboweled and sodomized turkey, I say thank you to any and all who have read, posted, emailed, commented, clicked a button or been interested to follow the rantings of this particular throng of MAd People. It's been a crazy ass year for all of us at WAS but rather than speak for my brethren, I speak from one tiny little twisted perspective. Having gone through three jobs in one year, finally taking a step away from advertising and taking a stab at public relations, and having been part of over 1,800 posts on this blog, one would think that there isn't more to tell... and man.... nothing could be farther from the truth.

So thank you for reading, for commenting, for calling me out on typo ridden posts (tried to fix up the Death to the Yes Men post though in my defense, it was late when I started writing and I just needed to get shit in writing and out of my system because I was that angry, but man was it a mess). Thank you for caring enough to write and comment. I know it might seem like a trifle, but every post comment is read and taken to heart. I've said it before, I care about this blog a lot more than most of what I've been able to accomplish in advertising if only for the reason that I don't get edited and the only caprices I obey are mine. It seems juvenile to a certain extent but I could care less because I think most people have what could be called the doggy bag syndrome: they bring a lot to the table but are told to take it back home instead and nothing is more frustrating than being told thanks for bringing the motivation but it's not really wanted or needed. So thanks must also be given for the opportunity to have a desk job that is nowhere near as frustrating as an ad job and where I've been able to have dinner at both of my brothers' houses to see the family. I was also able to have dinner with friends and I'm able to do things like read lately, even watch tv and talk to mom.
This leads me to the thanks I owe my family and Mrs. Joker for standing all the bullshit from this year, all the rush and all the lost family gatherings. Sure, I might seem bitter often but that doesn't mean I'm not thankful or take things for granted. Every day I try to do the exact opposite and I know it’s been anything but a joy to watch me clench my jaw to molar breaking capacities because I hate having to constantly acquiesce to anything a self centered dick client insists on saying.

I’ve been given a chance to do something different and have a life and for that I’m QUITE thankful to say the least. To the people I’ve been able to communicate a bit more during the year thanks to 20-20, or posting my email once in a while.

So cheers to one and all who have come upon our little blog of hate. May we be able to intrigue and interest you all as much as possible.


Chef Joker


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