Nov 13, 2008

Quantum of Dissapointment

Here I am sitting in the theater, waiting for Bond to give me goose bumps. I have been lusting for this man for months now. So now, there he is in all his glory.

15 minutes in. Nice action sequences. Gonna get better soon.

30 minutes in. Um... Nice action sequences, again. Better get moving, Bond.

50 minutes in. Just watch Bond's ass in pants, forget about picture, this is not Casino Royale.

I'm sorry, this is all I can write about. Quantum of Solace is a nice HBO movie to catch. Casino was so perfect, this will surely be a let down.

But hey, he still looks highly fuckable. A plus there.


RestrictionsApply said...

Lunch, beers, and tequila... much better.

Thinking In Vain said...

Aw damn. :(

Me said...

Thinking, we even had drinks before the movie just to make it way better - nothing. In the end, there were four people thinking... is that it? Oh, the way it ends? COME ON! SUCKED!

Quantum is just a series of kick ass action sequences, but that's all. Oh, and nice shots of perfect male ass, of course.

Even the Bond girl sucked. I mean, you had Vesper, the cool, beautiful and awesome chick that fucked him over... and not at Solace you get some chick with issues?

God. Why have you forsaken us Bond lovers?

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