Nov 6, 2008

Quick poll

If I had the chance to work in something just outside of advertising, meaning Public Relations or an in house department for a company that offers better hours, better benefits and better wages, should I take that job?

Better yet, I'll take a cue from other blogs who have asked this same exact question: Should I stay in advertising or stray from the path of the damned?

Feel free to comment any and everything you want.



Me said...

I think you already left mentally, my friend. You need to just take the job and leave, because if not, you'll kick your ass down the line in a couple of months - most of all if you start working the weekends again.

Dude, no matter what, you are and will always be a writer. Being in advertising isn't your thing - you are a class act talent and you would just change themes, that's all.

Remember what I told you one night: quality of life. Hours with your family and Ms Joker. Movies. Tv Shows. Beach. All the things you need, you have to make some time for them. This can actually be the start of a normal life...

So, feel free to give me a call if you want. I can bet my ass that RestrictionsApply will give you the same opinion: Run Forrest, Run.

Fermi said...

Your blog is titled: Why Advertising Sucks, and you wonder if you should try a different career path? The answer is a large obvious YES.

Check out Penelope Trunk's blog Brazen Careerist, she may not be correct about everything, but she loves career changes.

RestrictionsApply said...

Young Jedi, we need to sit down for some poker and scrapbooking to discuss this matter further...
Me is correct in assuming that I share her opinion.

Anonymous said...

In this economy, in this job market...we all have to do what's best. You may not be creatively challenged (or at least in the ways that you're used to), but stability counts. A lot. Steady paychecks, healthcare, all that good stuff.

Me said...

I'm down with Restriction's idea. I'm even down for some coffee just to check what you are up to.

warren said...

This is pretty much what I'm doing now. It's nice because I essentially have one client, though there are enough different departments that things stay interesting. There's less pressure, there's a decent benefits package, and there's no real competition.

It really fails to suck. I'd take the job, yes. (Well, actually, I did.)

wheatley said...

Let's see . . . better hours, better benefits, and better wages. Isn't that the trifecta we're all trying to hit?

Remember that your loyalty should be to yourself and your family FIRST.

Run! Run like the wind!

Justin said...

Go for it!
What's the risk? There's only upside compared with staying and dealing with the shit you currently do.

Me said...

Jesus dude. If I could leave it all and write for anything else, I would.

Joker said...

@ me: Pretty good assessment. I'd definitely kick myself in the future if I didn't at least try. My thanks for the vote of confidence and I also think I'm a writer trying to have a dayjob while freelancing my passion if that makes any sense. So lets say this, the gun has gone off and I'm not at the starting line waiting.

@ fermi: Will give that blog a check and you're totally right about how obvious the answer should be. But I wouldn't be human if I didn't have some sense of apprehension regarding this change. :) What I think is impressive is how many people have asked this and have gotten stalemate results from posts while everyone has told me to get the hell out of advertising.:D

@ Restrictions: My mind is set but we still have to sit down for the chat. We've had it pending for a long while now. Cheers though.

@ addude: you'd be surprised how much stability worked into my decision. Pretty much your job stability in an agency is always no the fritz and all you need is for your comp to lose an account to be scared shitless.

@ Me: we need to meet up for the meeting we had for the book. Don't forget :D

@ warren: I think so too, hence me giving the ad biz the finger for now or forever. All the things you mentioned were also considered and I definitely appreciate the input man.

@ wheatley: "Remember that your loyalty should be to yourself and your family FIRST." Words to live by and may the wind I'm running on carry along the good wishes I'm sending.

@ Justin: That was pretty much what I said after many hours of pondering. if I sucked I should worry but I don't so it's a risk I'm willing to take in this point of my life.

@ me: hope you get that break luv. you deserve it something fierce. :)

Thanks to all for the comments, the decision has been made and a post will be soon coming.


shaun. said...

from your writing alone i think you will do well in any field you find interesting. go for it man. i gotta do what makes you happy. life is about those types decisions.

good luck and whatever you do, keep writing here.

shaun. said...

and by "i", I meant you.

Joker said...

@ shaun: Thanks for the vote of confidence and no worries, I still have a lot to talk about regarding advertising. Besides, this just opens up new doors to other series I can write. :) Stay tuned. Interesting choice of typo by the way lol, but thanks for the clarification.


Ps.: my word verification is focke, lovely.

Thinking In Vain said...

Do it!

I've done the corporate thing - it's not so bad. You don't have to keep track of your hours - that is an awesome perk. :p

I'm pulling for ya. :)

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