Nov 19, 2008

A right turn at Albuquerque

A couple of days ago I asked a quick poll regarding my ad whereabouts and whether or not I should change them or not. By this I mean whether or not I should quit advertising, work on the client side and give a whole new style of life a shot. Surprisingly, not one person told me to think things twice on this poll. No one said they didn't understand my leaving the agency side and it was rather unanimous in the sense that it's so obvious that so many things annoy me from your garden variety agency that not giving another type of job a shot would be idiotic to say the least.

If you happen to have seen as much TV as I growning up or are a sick TIVO freak watching everything you can possibly record, you might remember Bugs Bunny always getting lost because of a certain wrong turn at a certain place, hence the title of this post. I'm happy to report that I've given the ad industry the proverbial finger for the time being (or permanently that's obviously still to be determined). I've jumped ship, I left my last 3 days at a little over seven and the last day missed out half the day because I was signing the contract for the company that stole me away, or that's what they'd like to say to people on the street.

So now it's on me to prove I'm not some simple bitchy creative who hasa knack to complain better than the average bear and show that my metal has been tempered quite a bit. Obviously it's a drastic change from what I've done up to now, but I see it as a new challenge where effort and determination reap rewards rather than prompting shithead clients to spit on my face, or such is my hope.

I'm not going to lie; I'm not going to say I'm not a bit apprehensive or that there isn't a tingly sensation of uncertainty with this new business of mine, but more than anything it's because I'm quite clear of the crossroads I'm currently standing on. Actually, I've chosen my path and just chosen one side of the fork in the road but I don't think it's ever that obvious the decision I've made and how having decided something else would have shipped me down another path.

What awaits? I have no fucking clue and though it is possible I might rue the day I ever quit advertising, something tells me that not wearing a new t-shirt every day, wearing different beard styles and having a high level of cussery going 24/7 are things that though I'll miss, it's not like I won't be able to live without them. After all though, if I have to behave all day what kind of written repercussions do you think THAT will have?

By the way, don't think for one second that I'm even slightly capable of calling it quits Blogger style. I've said it before and I'll repeat it, the ad project I'm proudest of is this blog, even if it does sound trite, superficial or ridiculous. If that's the case, I could care less because the level of satisfaction I get from writing and not having to see one God Damned revision and having my words be sent straight up, no ice, no mixer, no sugar to make it go down, but my purest opinion on anything from adverts, to boxing, to politics, to chipmunk sex... THAT has no substitute and most of what I did during every ad job and internship truly pales in comparison or as is obvious by this point in this blog, sucks.

My thanks for all the support dear friends. It means more than you know to have people read and enjoy our brand of madness and all I can promise is that there's a hell of a lot more where that came from because last I checked, I hold a delicious grudge, I don't forget easily and I oh so love sharing the snippets of idiotic madness I've lived through.

So here's to much more madness, trust me friends, we're only getting started.



Ps.: Don't think new experiences in a different job environ won't produce new series... it would hurt to have people think I won't kiss and tell. He he he he .................


shaun. said...

nice, good luck man.

Justin said...

Congrats! I can't wait to hear how the new job suits you.

M.M. McDermott said...

Best to you. I left advertising in '02 to teach in Baltimore I couldn't stay away. Relapsed in '06.

Here's hoping you have more self control.

Joker said...

@ Shaun: Many thanks. I need it since it's a whole new ball game.

@ Justin: For now, the job is suiting well. Less BS, then again, who am I kidding, I'm gonna start my second week tomorrow lol. Ask me in a month.

@ M.M.: I hope so too. At the very minimum i can tell you I'm enjoying having more time on my hands even if I'm working the same amount of hours. I get in at 7:30 and out at about 6 most days. But since that's super early I don't mind one bit. :D Anyways, thanks for the well wishes.

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