Nov 21, 2008

See? Told you.

So I was a little bit short on words on how I thought about Bond's Quantum of Solace. I believe that if you watch the first few minutes of this episode of TRS, you will get my point. Click at the name of the post to watch it.

The thing is... I was worried that you might think it really sucks and not go to see it, when all it was for me was disappointing. Just beware. If you asked me if would I tell my friends to go see it... Answer? No. I would say: wait for it on HBO. The guys from TRS could define better the many problems that it has, so if you are interested, by all means, let them explain. Careful, there is a spoiler cam alert - the image will go red, turn off your sound until the color goes away.

(You don't watch Totally Rad Show? Um... Why the fuck not? This is one of my favorite shows of all time, period. If you love movies, videogames, tv shows and anything pop culture, then you have to download their podcasts now - or if you have TiVo, just get the video podcast season pass.)


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