Nov 30, 2008

Way beyond the top 40: Dead Letter Circus

To me, there are few things more gratifying than finding some unknown band and sharing them with a friend or twenty. That's the reason for this series, to showcase some random bands from all over the world just in case you needed a reason to be reminded that rock is alive and well. So in comes the next band for the WBTT 40 series.

From Down Under comes Dead Letter circus, a band I actually found through surfline on a surf clip they had a couple of months back. So how good is the band? Well lets put it this way, I ordered the EP from Australia and think it was worth every penny. The entire band sounds tight and in sync and if you like a band with power, unique vocals and something different to shred your ear with, then by all means check this band out.

What this really shows though is that fans can be made by the most random circumstances ever. Hell, if I hadn't seen that surf clip, I wouldn't know about DLC and if I hadn't written about it, maybe some people would remain totally clueless as to their existence.

The funny thing is that it's a really good band that is just taking off. Nothing like Wolfmother, that exploded out of the gate, but a band that you can see growing and maturing into their debut persona if you will. If you click the title of this post, you'll be taken to their myspace page where you can hear some tracks, consider buying the EP, the new single, or watch some clips.

And if you happen to be from Australia, I've been told that they rock live so try and check em out before tickets start selling too expensive. As for the DLC guys, I'm looking forward to your debut. I'd say I hope they sell it stateside, but knowing me, if I have to buy it from Australia, I know it'll be money well spent.

cheers and happy surfing to those lucky enough to be able to go get wet.


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