Dec 11, 2008

And then, The Whopper Virgins fucked with my brain.

It has been a long time since I've seen a tv ad and screamed "Fuck Me, that was amazing!" at the top of my lungs. In fact... I cannot remember the last time it happened. Maybe I am watching way too much TiVo and the commercials get lost, maybe I just really don't care anymore for witty, creative, engaging advertising... Ugh. I just puked in my mouth a bit from writing those words.

Anyway, here I am lounging around and suddenly Burger King's Whopper Virgins Tv ad is running. I cannot believe this shit. For me, this is the most incredible idea, EVER. I just loved the concept of "off the grid" people giving honest opinions. The video, of course, has people voting for McDonalds, and even we could say that they could have deleted some people going for the Big Mac. I don't care. The campaign is amazing, for me, at least. Period.

Enjoy the full video by clicking at the name of the post.


Fermi said...

Thanks for posting the link to the full length video. You are right- it is awesome. Definitely the best thing I have seen in awhile.

1Letterman said...

Check old Stan Freberg's LaChoy campaigns. Not exactly the same, but pretty close.

RestrictionsApply said...

Burger King is the US has quite a reputation for - dare I say it? - out of the box advertising, which all began witht the off-beat series featuring the King. I especially loved their Whopper Freak-Out from last summer.

However, as any AE would say, Good creative, but does it sell more burgers? Who cares!?!?!

John said...

I usually bash on CP+B. Their Nike spots were rubbish. "Track Town USA" was a farce. Their Microsoft spots are a joke to me. The two things they've done the best are the Truth campaign, and Burger King.

They seem to have what's been called "frat boy humor," and it only translates to so many places. Burger King is one of them, because they've stopped looking to advertise to everyone, and concentrated on the "superfan" of Burger King. What fan of BK wouldn't love these ads?

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