Dec 11, 2008

Blackberry Nation

There was once a time where you could judge a person's character from looking into their eyes, maybe their body language, who knows, maybe even the way they friggin smelled. Not so anymore. In this day and age, morale character, personality traits, and the entire lymbic system can be easily read in the dexterity, ailments, strength or frailty of people's thumbs.

Trust me, if anything has become ever more apparent from the job change is the amount of people who are totally connected to everything technological while being totally disconnected from the world. People are such great multitaskers that they can get a thousand things done without really doing anything correctly. They just constantly widdle away at that damn chunk of circuits and plastic and forget that sometimes, looking at people who you are talking to is actually a good thing that might help communication a hell of a lot more than a prompt and courteous email.

But nooooooo... punpuricutoconggggg.... another email. Typey Typey typey. Look at me workety working all day and night long. I can't breast feed an infant without also doing something else at the same time because I'm such a fabulous multitasker that Hawthorne would have loved the shit out of my productive self. Clickety, click, click, click. No need to put this silent or to turn it off. Hello, that would imply giving you 100% of my attention and that means I am not being more productive tasking octopus style baby. Look at me go. I answered forty emails, I did a powerpoint presentation and all the while I sent thank you notes, reminders and to do lists for other people since I'm so swamped that I can't do any real work.

Seriously people, calloused hands might be good for percussion instruments or guitars, but they are not becoming when referring to hands of paper fed professionals. So from time to time, put that damn clunky piece of shit down, and look at me when I be talking to you.



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