Dec 26, 2008

Boxing day post #2: Who to look out for in '09

I love boxing and I love good fights. Period. There's no way around this and i'm always looking for the next great fight that will have me glued to my seat. So here are some fighters you definitely need to be on the lookout for in the new year because something tells me it's gonna be a banging new year.

Manny Pacquiao:

The Philipino super star never disappoints. His no nonsense whirlwind style makes every fight a must see and trust me, I've yet to see one of this fights that hasn't had me with elevated blood pressure. Long live the Pac Man

Miguel Cotto/Kelly Pavlik

A champion is not only defined by how they fight and win, but how they recover from a loss. It was a not a good year for Miguel Cotto or Kelly Pavlik. Cotto took a grueling TKO to his brilliant unbeaten streak. What's worse? He looked like he was going to win for about 7 rounds until Margarito let him know that his fights don't start until the sixth round. Cotto is disciplined enough to bounce back but I'm pretty sure he's going to get a tune up fight before trying to take on an elite fighter or have another go at the Tijuana Tornado. As for Kelly Pavlik? An old man made him look like the old one. There's no doubt Kelly Pavlik is a force to be reckoned with and that he has tremendous skills, but if ever anyone wanted a blueprint of how to beat him DECISIVELY? You only need to try and copy and paste what the great Hopkins did.

Paul Williams:

Boxing's most avoided fighter? You bet your ass. currently fighting in three weight classes just to stay active, Paul Williams is boxing's genuine freak of nature. At 6'1 it's a damn miracle he can even make the weight to 147. But he does. And he makes 154, and he makes 160. Oh and did I mention he knocks people out in all three weight classes? Yeah. Averaging over 1,100 punches in any fight that goes the distance, this guy you have to see to believe. And by the way, he can take a punch too,

Klitcsko Brothers:

The robotic perfection that is the heavyweight styles of both champions is something to watch. I only hope Vitali doesn't get injured and Wladimir doesn't face Corrie Sanders ever again. But these are the elite of the heavyweights. Love em or hate em, you gotta watch them. BTW, props to older brother Vitali for not getting injured and making Sam Peter quit on his stool.

Chris Arreola:

Some people would possibly call Chris Arreola a tubby bitch. These same people would probably then be escorted to the emergency room for calling Chris names. A hispanic heavyweight that doesn't suck and takes a hell of a shot? What are you waiting for to throw him to the Klitscko brother he has a puncher's chance of beating? If you like heavyweight entertainment? Look no further. This psycho is going to do his damndest to become the heavyweight champion of the world and I'm going to watch every hail mary left hook he throws.

Juan Manuel Marquez:

Quite possibly one of the greatest boxers in existence. Underappreciated yet feared, and rightfully so. He's the only boxer to consistently hurt Manny Pacquiao and to my eyes he's beaten him twice even if Manny has floored him four times. Don't understand the logic behind those numbers? Watch their fights and lets see if he makes a believer out of you.

Antonio Margarito:

How do you become a superstar? Easy, beat one of the world's pound for pound best after taking his best shot... or his best 120 shots. It worked for Margarito and his fight with Mosley should be a barn burner to say the least.

Juan Manuel Lopez:

Please forget that last fight. This kid has the goods. He just needs something to work with.... wait a minute. A fight against Israel Vazquez..... shit.... Well better to go down in a blaze of glory.

Joe Calzaghe:

Only Joe Calzaghe can get dropped in the first round of two high profile fights and then come back to decisively win both fights. Joe is something to watch and appreciate and I just hope he gives us two more fights before retiring... the problem is that no one knows who to match him up with.

Israel Vazquez/Rafael Marquez:

I really hope Israel Vazquez beats Juanma Lopez. That would set up a potential five fight series with Rafael Marquez... and if you saw the first three, I'm sure you won't mind for more.

Sergio Martinez:

Who the hell is this guy? Just your under the radar super star waiting to kick some ass and take some names. Watch out for this guy. Period.

Riddick Bowe/Mike Tyson/Evander Hollyfield

I have a bad feeling when any of these three names get mentioned and for some reason I have the feeling the year won't end without something sad happening to any of these three great boxing heroes. I hope I'm wrong.


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