Dec 26, 2008

Boxing Day post #3: 5 fights I'd like to see

Styles make fights right? Then lets play matchmake for a second and say which fights I'd love to see happen before the year is up.

#1. Mikkel Kessler VS Kelly Pavlik. If you want a slug fest by two of the best punchers in the sport, then pray for this fight. I'm talking gruelling Gatti VS Ward action. Will we be lucky? I have no idea. But this just sounds like a boxing fan's dream, or at least this one's.

2. Lamon Brewster VS David Tua. Two slow hard punching heavyweights that look for one big punch and when they find it can finish a fight like few other people can. I saw David Tua get manhandled by Fres Oquendo for 10 rounds until Fres decided to be Mr Funny man and taunt the Samoan Pitbull. Fifteen connects later, fight is over. Lamon Brewster took enough punishment to kill a battallion in his first fight against Wladimir Kitscko. He got dropped like a soap in the shower. He then got up and showed that will power and stamina go a long way to show who wins in a heavyweight fight.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez VS Manny Pacuiao 3. A draw and a win which I both think should have been Marquez's. Juan Manuel just knocked out Joel Casamayor, one of the division's best and Manny beat Oscar De la Hoya. This means Juan Manuel and Manny have dates with other people before getting together again but I can't help but want to see this third fight. They both get better with every fight. How far will they take it. How far will it go? I don't know. But I want to find out. I honestly think Marquez is the only fighter Manny is NEVER eager to get into the ring with.

4. Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao. Don't think this one is going to happen no matter how much money there is in it for Floyd. But I still want to see the fight for three reasons. Floyd has never fought a massive threat to his unbeaten streak hence me discarding him in boxing's top ten boxers and please, feel free to look at the records of Leonard, Hearns, Haggler, Duran, Ali, Frasier, Lewis, Marciano, Hopkins, and Pacquiao for reference to what it is to beat a who's who list of fighters. You might think everyone wants to see Floyd get his ass kicked, which is true. But more than anything, I want to see Floyd put his god given talents in a matchup that makes him rise to greatness rather than endless potential. he showed what can happen when he's pressured by a lesser albeit hungrier fighter in Ricky Hatton and he showed he could win a paper thin decision against De la Hoya. Feel free to not applause. I want to see him in a tough fight so he can claim whatever he wants. Until then, he'll be another Roy Jones Jr. to me. An ace at proclaiming domination but not doing much to back it up in the ring. All he has to do to shut me up forever is convincingly beat Manny Pacquiao. Come on, what's the worst that can happen.

5. Antonio Margarito VS Cotto #2. Call me ridiculous, but I think Cotto can take Margarito in a rematch and think the fight would paint a different picture the second time around. I know that Margarito is only too willing to prove me wrong. So hell, who am I to keep him from making me look like a dumbass. :D

Lets see how the year goes for us boxing fans. On my behalf, thanks to any boxing fan that has enjoyed my rants this year. Lets see what the new year brings.



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