Dec 5, 2008

Five Movies that Define: Jeff

I opened up the was email and almost cried... Someone sent me their post! Long time no see! Here is Jeff's list of five movies that define him. Dude, Rocky... EPIC. Enjoy!

Your post was very funny timing. I had just done a post on my blog this morning about if you meet someone and you want to know if you really want to get to know them ask what their 3 favorite movies are and their three favorite bands. Different from what you are posing, but still...

So mine would be:

The Good The Bad And The Ugly-
I saw this for the first time when I was on vacation in Maryland in 1976. I would credit it for starting my love of films. The epic story and shots, the music, the humor, the violence. Awesome.

A movie going experience I still remember. It was when theaters had one screen, and you stood in line outside. Plus it was an amazing movie. And I went to see it with my dad and a woman he was dating and her two daughters.

Another a cool kid movie going experience. The show was sold out but they sold standing room only tickets. A theater full of geeks there to see a Ralph Bakshi animated movie.

Rumble Fish-
Just so perfect. It really was an art movie for kids. I still listen to the soundtrack today.

Repo Man-
Required constant viewing as a teenage punk rock kid in the 80s.


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