Dec 10, 2008

Five Movies that Define: Joker

Joker wanted me to post this on his behalf...

After much consideration and some serious thinking, I've come up with 5 movies that could define me though I think there's room for 5 or 20 more he he he. Regardless, here's my lineup. Greatest part now is having to think of 5 songs that define me, I'll see if I don't take a month to do so. Anyways, here they are, in no order of importance… yeah right.

Batman (The Original)
Over the top eye candy and the presence of one of the most memorable villains in existence, seeing Jack Nicholson as the Joker truly made an impression on me as a child, as should be pretty obvious by now. I had the cap, the t-shirt, started reading comics, action figures, the works. As a child seeing a guy that colorful definitely left an imprint for the rest of my life because I believe that most people secretly wish they could be a villain for a day. To leave morality to one side and just see what creative havoc they could wreak. But probably everyone wishes to do this in a professional wrestling type of way, where no repercussions happen, no one is really injured and it's all part of a show. As a child, I wanted to wreak havoc yet leave everyone smiling, which is pretty much what I enjoy doing with my writing. I love wreaking written havoc and having everyone smiling in the end from my cuss filled rants and crazy ramblings.

Waking Life
This movie should be mandatory for anyone who has ever questioned whether a dream they had was real or not. Imagine a movie, documentary, or pretty much just a visual essay where you are literally bombarded with as much speculative information as your brain can handle. Then have all of what is said make too much sense. That's Waking Life and to me, as long as it's interesting and engaging, who cares if it's real or not. Who knows, maybe we share a collective dreamscape and only wake up when we're asleep and what we consider to be reality is nothing but an overly elaborate dream.

Step Into Liquid
Ever wonder what's the big deal with surfing? Do you find yourself asking what the big fuss is about? This movie gives quite a few answers that I agree with, prompting me to cry in a theater from a couple of scenes I couldn't help but be inspired by. If you don't know what the big deal is, by all means Netflix this movie. Hell I own it.

Office Space
To me this movie can be divided into two parts. The first half of the film, which is probably 4 stars. And the second half of the film, which ends up being a good two maybe two and a half star movie. The first half of this movie is so damn brilliant if only for the sole reason that most people feel this way, and to have someone just not give a shit, and be promoted for not giving a shit is pretty much every would be professional's wet dream. Face it people, we all know Michael Bolton's, we all have a Lumbergh and we prize that damn red stapler.

V for Vendetta
Order is one thing, control is another. The value of freedom comes with a tax. One that refers to the responsibility of everyone to not be a totally selfish fuckhead, doing well for your fellow person and looking to maintain what is truly just. Though life is good for me, we all have to recognize that though there's a certain degree of slack, we all have leashes that can yank at our necks at any moment. Seeing someone who has pried away from their master's leash, one can't help but sometimes wish to be so bold.



RestrictionsApply said...

• Batman – I share your sentiments about this film. Did you also know that Tim Burton commissioned Prince to do the soundtrack? Partyman! It was the first time a “pop star” provided the official music for a film.

• V for Vendetta – One of the most fantastic, underrated, and underappreciated films of this century. Repeated viewings only make it better.

Joker said...

Thank you darling, can't post from work and didn't want to wait til the evening lol.

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