Dec 5, 2008

Five Movies that Define: TravisFckr

(This was an interview since I know he will never write this for himself)

First one and most important according to him: Art School Confidential
"No matter how good you are, you will get nowhere if you don't kick ass". (I remember when we went to see it and trust me, we left the theater depressed)

Then, in no particular order...

Godfather 1
"Do not take sides against the family. That movie, for me, is the meaning of life".

Fight Club
"Men will be men, no matter what". (Also, I know he loves that film 'cause he thinks I resemble Marla, hehehehe)

Field of Dreams
"One word: My Dad. For anyone that has lost his father, they will understand".

The Sandlot
"Everytime I see it, I remember my friends".


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