Dec 22, 2008

George Bush Dodgeball God

After 8 years of office, it’s purely clear that Mr. Double-yah has become not only a practitioner of the art of Ducking Fu, he’s a downright master, and the evidence is on video. I won’t post a video link because it’s definitely available if you put the words shoe and Bush together, although there is the slight chance that you may wander onto a porn site talking about lascivious acts with pumps, sandals or the ever hated crocs.

But come on, I finally have the desire to say hats off to the president not only for telling people outright that he’s ducked more than a couple of hundred questions (You are Palin’s personal savior Mr. Bush) but more so because of his cat like agility. Little did any of us know that Curious (albeit not so bright) George was two steps away from being a ninja and that his dodge ball skills would put any Purple Headed Cobra to shame.

Just makes you wonder why the hell he wasn’t thrown his own advice, his own policies, and his own decisions so he could duck them and maybe make better decisions or at least a couple who were opposite to what he ended up decreeing. I’ve always insisted that G.W. is an ideal candidate to share a beer with or to snort blow off a Vietnamese hooker’s crack, but not the best option in regards to being president and though his ducking skills are praise worthy at the very least, I can’t help but have my jaw slam on the floor at people who constantly defend him. True, the same might be said of any Michael Moore tendency to completely vilify anyone, but that said, I think most people can agree that he could have done a better job and that way too many things that have transpired the last 8 years have been shady at the very least.

From Katrina, to the Patriot Act; from Freedom fries, to attempting to intervene in the Schiavo case; from bad judgment to bad judge of character, from coast to coast, and nation to nation, there’s one thing Bush is not able to dodge, and that’s criticism for a job not well did (as he might ineloquently put it). Fool me once, shame on us. Fool us twice… well you know how that went.

So to Georgie, this Bud’s for you buddy, may your influence stay far and away from the White House. Oh and one more thing, since your so good at dodging, I think it would be interesting to see what would win: your dodgeball skills, or Cheney’s ammunition?



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