Dec 18, 2008

Merry Dark Days.

Being this the season to be jolly and the time to give, I find it extremely important to give a belated review on another great documentary: Dark Days. You see, while some of us are busting our balls to find that Wii for someone we love, almost a decade ago, a group of people were living in an abandoned section of the New York City underground railway system. I am not blind to think that this has stopped happening, instead it kills me to know that in this day and age, it could be a possibility that this has not stopped.

The documentary follows a group of homeless people living in filth. Literally. Homeless and addicts, the system failed them and they ended up thinking that the best way to survive was by building little wooden houses inside the tracks. Little houses filled with all the stuff that people throw away, ridden with rats, cockroaches, dust from the train... just an ugly site to see.

They lived there for years. I mean... years! Some had reported to have lived for almost a decade there. The documentary is shot in black and white, and for some reason the lack of color makes you wonder... it has to be uglier in real color.

They ate because they sold whatever they could put their hands on. When that didn't work, they opted for the garbage near restaurants. Trust me, when you see people from the most powerful nation in the world, or so they say, eating from a garbage can... you sometimes wonder how people let this happen.

So this is Christmas, a time to give and share. My only wish is that you join other wonderful people and give something back. Think about it. When was the last time you got all the clothes you have and donated them? Old books, old shoes, old bags... stuff that you don't need anymore but that someone might? Honestly, it will make you feel wonderful. I already gave toys for babies, clothes and I made a promise to give all year round. I decided to write about this film so that maybe you get inspired to do something. Anything.

In the words of that great copywriter for Nike... Just do it.

Merry Christmas and may you be blessed all year round, Me.


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