Dec 22, 2008

Norm Coleman: the new whascally wabbit

Since I can't read blogs at work, I'm actually staying up to date with various current events and I thought a couple of things were definitely noteworthy this week. First was the shoe dodging extravaganza. Next up for me was good ole Norme Coleman. Who the fuck is that guy? Well, click the title of this post in case you want to read what I read. For the short version, just read below.

Have you ever wondered what the government does with your taxes? Me too; but that’s nothing compared to what people should wonder regarding the money they for some reason give politicians to campaign. If ever there is a moment for people to put a barcode on their taint and simply take orders regarding “suggestions” and “requests” from influential people, it’s at the time they begin to campaign. But apart from lobbyists, tycoons and rich assholes, there are actually people interested in a person getting elected and they hope their money is well used to achieve said goal. So what happens when campaign funds are used for legal purposes? By legal I mean used to cover the legal wages for a trial over something shady.

Enter Norm Coleman, the latest greatest case study in the misuse of campaign funds. Click the name of the title and see just how efficiently and unselfishly he’s employing those funds. The best part are the lawyers. They pretty much left it pretty clear that they don’t care where the money comes from as long as the money comes through. So here’s to Norm, may your campaign go splendidly while in federal custody.

Seems that between him and Blaghaiiouaolkjheuieoiu-vich, or however you fucking write his name, politicians are having a delicious time this Christmas season. As for me, well I think I'll just sit back and give thanks I never aspired to anything greater than being a blogger.



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