Dec 1, 2008

Now THIS pisses me off: the 9/11 Impostor.

The History Channel is currently running a new documentary on an abysmal human being. If you can research when the 9/11 Impostor will be showed again, just for one thing: sometimes people go so low, even fungi are ashamed of them.

I have always said that when someone lies, at the end the truth shines. You see, when people lie, there is one thing they don't think about: your brain will go faulty in one specific moment. You will blurt out something that wasn't on the original story and bingo, you're outed. Hey, there is one thing to tell the truth, have proof and that no one believes you, and there is another thing to lie, flat out lie. In this case, this woman just concocted one of the most ugliest lies I've heard in all my life.

The brain is not wired correctly to lie for all your life, somewhere down the line mistakes are made and people notice. And there is no story that defines this more than this documentary.

Talk about the lowest of lows. It seems that a lonely woman living in Manhattan during those awful attacks didn't have anything better to do one day, so she started telling a story about how she survived the day, got burned and lost her fiancé in the process. She started telling everyone her triumphant story of how she made it from the 78 floor of the south tower. How her dear Fiancé died that day. And little by little, people started to gravitate to this "wonderful" woman, because she lived the impossible and still she had the power to strive.

For seven, yes, SEVEN years, this woman, who apparently has no core values whatsoever, infiltrated a 9/11 survivor organization and wrote about her "life". You gotta give it to her, she recited verbatim every single time her accounts to any human that wanted to listen. She advised other survivors, gave them hope and happiness thru her lies. Her story was simply perfect. She came down above the point of impact, she lost someone she loved, and she never shed a tear. She was Wolverine. She healed when other people could not. How can you survive anything of that magnitude and have a smile on your face?

Survivors started to notice simple details that were going wrong. Sometimes it was the fiancé, sometimes it was her husband. Depending on the day of the month, slight details were not making sense. But people, good in their nature, didn't want to pry. Except ones at the New York Times.

The thing was, the NYT started interviewing all the survivors for many of their stories about this horrible tragedy. When they noticed that Tania Head's story was not written about, they decided to investigate. Seemed weird that no record of her whatsoever turned out at WTC. The only thing that did check out was the name of the victim, which matched to her story. Nothing else.

In the end, this woman did not work on any of the towers, did not have a fiancé, and lied thru her teeth to all the victims. Why, may you ask? We will never know. For me, I think that this lonely woman had no self respect and no dignity, so she took advantage of one thing: other people's pain and vulnerability, just to get famous.

This documentary shines a light on how desperate people can get when they really, really want to be loved or acknowledged. Truly a sad day for humanity, if you ask me.

Click at the name of the post for one of the posts from Time about that fungi of a human being.


daveinsc said...

198I am watching another rerun about this fat ugly disgusting pig who has done one of the worst things I have ever seen anyone do. She has added to the misery and caused so much hurt to the true the families of those victims and families of those lost and the true heros of this tragedy with her lies. She is a ugly lying cow and she should have been in the building. All of the "comfort she was providing" just added to their pain. God Bless all of the victims of 9/11 and of Tonia Head. I will alway recall where I was on 9/11 and I just could not put together the fact of what had just happened to those poor people who had a choice, jump out out of a building 1/4 mile high, or suffer a very painful agonizing death. I have seen waar, but those innocent people knew they would never see their familiesw again, and this liar is there trying to get sympathy when she was not even in the city. Again, I hope that Head is reading this, she is a fat disgusting, ugly. waste of air. I will always keep the true victims anhd heroes who went willingly into a building when they knew they in all likelyhood they would not return. GOD BLESS AND THEM and THEIR FAMILIES. IT is going on 8 years, but it seems like almost no time has passed.

daveinsc said...

I did not begin my comment with 1981/ I am sorry for this error. By the way, I hate tonia head.

Unknown said...

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