Dec 1, 2008

Two friends, a pact and a little baby.

When I turned 28, I called up a friend of mine and we started yapping about getting old and other stupid things. He's one of my best friends on the whole world, I always joke that he has the burden of knowing me better than many people in this earth. We met when we were on college and became best friends in a matter of seconds.

We have lived each other's best and worst moments, together. We met each other's many boyfriends and girlfriends, we hanged out when we were single loads of times, we talked for hours about anything in the world. He was there for me when my marriage was going downhill, during my marriage counseling and, of course, during my divorce. I was there when a mad crazy woman decided to tell him that he was the father of her baby, which turned out to be a lie, and all the sad months after when he realized he was destroyed (because he wanted to be a father). A lifetime of experiences, you could say.

Anyway, back to my call. I joked that night that we were getting older and here we were, no babies in the near future. So he jokes back and tells me: let's make a pact. If we don't have a baby in a decade and you and I are still single, then we'll have a baby. At first, we laughed about how stupid the plan was. It sounded like a cheesy chick flick plot. But we kept talking and said... what if it really happens, what if in all that time we don't meet another person who we think we can have a baby with? Do we let time go by and miss our opportunity to have a baby? Hm.

So we had a drink and sealed the deal. We meant business. It meant that we were each other's back up in case shit hit the fan, sort of speak. It meant that we would have a plan to grow up, finally. For both of us, having a baby would mean that our lifes would be complete. That we were finally adults. Hey, a caviat. We were not going to get back together. It would mean just a baby and that's it. We had each other's back for so long, it seemed logical that we cover all the bases.

Well, sometimes life has a way of making things right and not letting us just accept our faith. In a decade, loads of wonderful things happened to the both of us. I met a wonderful man who truly loves me and I am very much in love. He met a woman that adores the shit out of him. We thought... maybe life is going to turn out as we wanted, after all. Cut to today.

My dear friend just reported the happy news that he is going to be a father. I cannot fathom a more happier news delivered than that. Not just because I love him dearly, it means also that he finally is complete. He achieved all that he wanted. A life. A woman that loves him and is not a crazy fuck (trust me, I've known people that got involved with questionable people), a house, a dog and a smile on his face.

I am very happy for one thing as well: he didn't need our pact. Life gave him what he wanted. A full life. In time, my turn will come to call him as well. But for today, all the glory is his. And that makes me happy.

You are going to be a wonderful dad, my sweet dude. Enjoy this wonderful gift.


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