Jan 26, 2009

Five Brands that Define Me.

We got to keep the momentum going, folks. Now it's time for Five Brands that Define Me. Seems adequate, since this blog is, in some way, about clients, brands and the shit that glues it all together. Maybe you think that brands do not define you, I strongly disagree. Brands, some brands out there, strike a cord with us in our lifetimes. Our generation, at least mine, was bombarded with advertising and pop culture. So, again, the same rules apply. They might not be your favorite brands, they just define you in some way. Here are mine, in no particular order:

1) Apple.
Life should be easy and fun. Even though the first computer I ever touched was a Commodore - yeah you go do the math on my age if you want - my first passion was Apple. First computer I had at work, first computer I owned. I studied my first Mac like a doctor would do a autopsy. I had to figure out every single detail to death. Later in life, I had done so much research on those wonderful machines, my boss made me the honorary IT at the agency. A Mac had problems, there I was trying to fix them. I only called the IT dudes - pat on the back coming soon - when I could not figure shit out. For me, they represent being different, cool and just not conforming to normalcy (PC). I honestly cannot fathom someone using anything but a Mac, honestly. For me it's like suffering for free. Pricy? Yeah. Worth every penny.

2) Coca Cola
I have written about this before. I was, a couple of years ago, sad to report, a Pepsi drinker. One day I went to the supermarket and found none of it, so I had to buy Diet Coke. I have not, and I swear to God, bought any Pepsi again unless I am dying of thirst and water is not an option. Coke has it going on. It means tradition, a great flavor, being a kid at heart, sweet, strong... And besides, red is the perfect color. Oh, did I mention that one of my favorite artists did the logo? Lord have mercy on us and protect us from the sin of changing the logo, Pepsi style. I would die.

3) TiVo
Almost four or five years ago, my mother called me up and told me I could have any gift that I wanted for my birthday. Ok, no red Porshe but anything else was viable. (Hey, I had to ask) I didn't flinch. I yelled: TiVo! Best gift ever, period. It made my life easier. Now I could go out to party while Jack Bauer was showing. Now I could catch as much Seinfeld as I wanted without buying those pesky DVD's. If TiVo were a bible, I would not lie when my hand touched it. For me, it reminds me about innovation, simplicity and loads of fun. From all the DVR's out there that I have seen, this is by far the best. Just the cool noise it makes everytime I click on something in the menu makes me smile.

4) Google
A couple of months ago, my iGoogle didn't work. I almost went ballistic. I got anxious. What the fuck was going on, I thought. I proceeded to examine my Mac to death. Nothing wrong. I checked my IP, to see if the connection was bad and the data was not loading correctly. Nothing wrong there. I DELETED MY MAC AND STARTED OVER. Nothing, same problem. After a few hours of research, I discovered that iGoogle had some problems with Safari. I changed browsers and had my trusty iGoogle back. Google is the best thing ever since sliced bread. It gives me everything I need and more, with a cool website and an incredible service. All the research that I do comes from there, period. Google is God, and I am glad to be a follower.

5) Revision 3
If those guys ever go bankrupt and have to close up the brand, I really would need some sort of medication. Honestly. All my favorite shows are from R3 and I am a religious Digg reader. Any day of the week you will find in my TiVo receiving shows like Diggnation, Totally Rad Show, Epic Fu, Digg Reel... the list goes on and on. The mix is perfect: great people listening to their audience, talking directly at them without much filters. If you ever need to be up to date in anything that is technology or current pop culture, that should be your place to click or download. Most of the cool stuff that I post here comes from Digg, it is like a never ending source of useless and useful information, bundled up with a vision that everybody counts, that without our feedback, content is nothing. Those boys have a great product and I would be very happy when the company goes public, because I'm sooooooo buying shares on that company... Whoa.

So there you go, my five brands. Hope, as always, that you join in the fun. Oh and please, if you have any ideas on future Five Things, by all means write them down. With love and blood sausages galore, Me.


RestrictionsApply said...

I'm all about Apple, Walgreens, Toyota, Gap, Kirkland Signature (I'm serious, don't laugh!))

Me said...

Sorry dude, but at least explain Kirkland...

And don't get me started on Walgreens. It's my cocaine. Honestly... why the fuck do I come in to buy an item that costs 2 dollars and end up leaving with a 50 dollar receipt in my hand every damn time?

If there are Walgreens Anonymous, trust me I would be the first in line to sign up.

RestrictionsApply said...

Kirkland Signature is Costco's private label for many of the products they sell. I was torn between choosing Costco or this, but went with Kirkland because it's essentially the same brand.

Why this choice? I have always been an advocate of anti consumerism. Each day I try to be frugal and practical when it comes to spending money, without necessarily skimping on quality.

Costco has satisfied my needs. It's never really packed and uncomfortable like Sam's Club. The prices are excellent when you consider the quality of what you're getting, and, bulk purchasing certain items just makes perfect sense, given my particular situation (family, tastes, etc.)

Plus, it's one of the few places that carries "weird" stuff that I like and is hard to get where I live: good hummus, lamb, quality steaks, tzatziki... Plus, I've picked up many a good books there as well as movies and CDs... and even clothes!!!

The point is, I like to think that I live a practical life, and Costco helps me achieve it without coming off as a snob.

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