Jan 15, 2009

Five TV Shows that Define: Me

Can a TV show possibly define a person? Well, maybe. Who cares, in my world, yes they do so fuck it, here we go. The rules are simple. Find 5 great tv shows over ALL your life that you have loved more than any other. It really doesn't matter if it's running or not, ok? Just remember to participate if you can... getting lonely here at WAS...

1) Seinfeld.
Really, come on. Greatest show ever. For me, the simple things in life are the best. They say that it was the show about nothing, and I could not agree more. Four great friends, talking about the mundane things that happened to them. Talk about great writing and acting, dammit. For me it connected because I too find myself yapping over beers about stupid stuff, but more importantly... there are some people that you can't live without. No matter what happens or who tries to come in our way, we all huddle together. And that's more special than... any plate at Monk's.

2) Late Night with David Letterman.
(Very important: I am not talking about the Late Show. Not the same, by any category, sorry) When I was little, my mom gave me a tiny black and white tv. It was the best gift ever. She always told me to go to bed early 'cause of school, but what she didn't know was that I turned it on at 11pm and giggled all the way to 12. Dave was (still is in a way), my hero. Intelligent. Witty (shit, I used the word again). Funny as hell. This was my late night secret, just Dave and me.

3) The Carol Burnett Show.
This just reminds me of huge laughs with mom. I used to watch it with her, lying at the floor of her "single-life" apartment. My mom has been married for almost 20 years now, but I sometimes remember the time when she was single and we did a bunch of stuff together, no one else in sight. We had a great time, and this show always reminds me of those moments. Besides, my mom has the best laughter you will ever hear... and I have always loved Carol for making her giggle with me.

4) The Muppet Show.
Greatest kid show, ever. Screw Sesame Street, this program was for me. There was always a hidden sarcasm and extreme what the fuck moments that got programmed in me for some reason. This was not a stupid show for kids, they - like in Spinal Tap - took it to eleven. The two best characters that I still love and adore were the older dudes, Statler & Waldorf. What can you not love about two people that think everything is stupid and they are always right about anything?

5) The Addams Family.
I have always thought that my dark side must have come from somewhere. I mean, come on. I collect Living Dead Dolls, Zombie looking ragdolls - anything dead looking, I buy. I love anything gory, I have always loved Black sleek hair, I usually hate people in general... Yeah. If you tell me that I have to switch families right now, I would gladly marry Gomez in a heart beat. Morticia will always be my role model. And if God gives me a chance to have children, what would I not give to push out Pugsley and Wednesday...

So. What about you?

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Teenie said...

I love the Muppet Show! It's so completely different when you watch it 20 years later. Nasty, funny stuff!

I don't have a top 5 list, but some faves are:

* Arrested Development
* Curb Your Enthusiasm
* Lost (OK, not a classic, but they sure know storytelling. Kudos for not ever revealing too much, too soon).
* Twin Peaks
* And I used to have a huge crush on John Schneider, so I'm putting the Dukes of Hazard as my golden oldie. PLus all those Saturday morning shows from the 70s (wasn't there one with Wolfman Jack?)

Jeff said...

My list would be:

1. Freak and Geeks

2. X Files (before it jumped the shark when Mulder left)

3. Get A Life

4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

5. The Sopranos

Me said...

Hey Jeff... Why did Mulder leave, anyways? I was an avid XFiles fan but I cannot remember that single fact.

adchick said...

Mission Impossible-the original series with Martin Landeau and Barbara Bain. Intricate, suspenseful and when he pulled his mask off, it was awesome! X-Files, definitely!! Then, lets not forgot the original cartoon for adults, The Bullwinkle and Rocky Show.

FoundationArt said...

I've never been much of a TV person, but I'd have to go with:
• Seinfeld
• The Simpsons
• Freaks and Geeks
• V
• The A-Team

Honorable mention: All after-school cartoons - Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, etc.

Anonymous said...

1) the x-files - same as Jeff before the demise of mulder, actually it was only good up to the 1st movie
2) the original star trek
3) the office
4) laguna beach - for whatever reason I just found this show super addictive
5) Fragle rock

Lucila said...

1.The Muppet Show - my childhood favorite show.

2.Friends - "WE WERE ON A BREAAK!!!!"

3.Sex and the City - while in college everyone my age was hooked watching Dawson's Creek, me and my roommate were together watching the girls fuck the city.

4.Los Kakukomicos this was a comedy program from the 80's from a local tv station in PR. It was stupid and funny.

5. Daria not fitting in, not caring.

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