Jan 2, 2009

Resolution Distribution

Every year we make resolutions that we wish to keep and at least for my part, I've had a pretty good success rate at resolutions. Last year though, a very good friend of mine actually made a t-shirt with his batch of resolutions and though I admire his gumption and balls for being that much of a public billboard of goals, I'll limit myself to making another post about it. So here goes, in no particular order of importance, but divided into sections:


- Do 5,000 pushups or more. Sounds like a lot but it actually turns out to be less than 20 pushups a day on average. Lets see if I can meet this goal and or exceed it.

- Do 10,000 situps.

- Do 5,000 bicep curls.

- Do 10,000 jumping jacks.

- Run/walk 100 miles. Though I love the song from Benny and Joon I'm still a long way from walking 500 miles or 500 more for that matter.

- Do 5,000 squats.

- Take yoga classes.

- Meditate 100 hours


- Find at least 8 freelance jobs throughout the year.

- Draft 10 proposals for projects within my company.

- Work on my portfolio regardless of whether I'm working in Public Relations.


- Surf 50 times or more during the year. (I already have one under my wing for the year... brrrr). This is a shy one but it basically has me surfing at least once every week or surfing the equivalent. ideally i'll reach 100, but I'll settle for 50 good surfs.

- Go swimming and or bodysurfing 10 times during the year.

- Do some interesting local tourism with my lovely Mrs. Joker.

- Go to 5 concerts.

- Travel at least twice.

- Write even more with a pen and paper.

- Watch 40 movies.

- Watch the DVD's I've bought and ignored for the last year.

- Finish 20 videogames.

- Read 30 books.

- Play guitar 5 times a week for one hour.


- Get a new computer.

- Finally get a decent Internet connection.

- Get a digital recorder so I can make my own music digitally.


- Put money into my savings rather than take from them. Circumstances have prompted me to spend most of my savings from the last year. This year it's my job to do the exact opposite.

- Not miss ANY payment this year. Wasn't the case last year, but have taken the measures to avoid this to keep a good credit score.

- Help mom's cake business to finally get off the ground.

- Donate $300 to different causes.


- Learn ten songs and record them digitally.

- Continue my habit of looking for random information.

- Read more news.

- Buy a beginner's French book to retake that language and practice with Mrs Joker.

- Take dance classes with Mrs. Joker.


- Write 200 posts or more. I know this year I wrote more than that, but just because I state low doesn't mean I won't aim high. :) Read the next one.

- Write another 100 posts in my other blog. (I told you I wasn't aiming low)

- Finally finish the hard copy version of my book. I'm 7 chapters from the end and I want to start working on the transcription.

- Write ten short stories.

- Write twenty essays of a project I've had on hold for too long.

- Work on story arcs for 3 projects I have in the works.

- Draft a proposal to the WAS team for a Why Advertising Sucks Movie script.

- Write my progress in each of my goals in a monthly post.

- Re-write a standup bit I had and maybe even go to an improv place and try it out.


- Be more positive.

- Forgive people I've held a grudge against for more than a decade. Not going to be buddy buddies, but just not waste any energy on that.

- Continue to focus any negative energy and channel it into writing something worthwhile to read.

Mrs Joker:

Love her more each and every day and smile every time I'm reminded that we're engaged. :)

Yes you read correctly. Stay tuned for the next post.


RestrictionsApply said...

Pardon the ignorance, but which is your other blog?

Also, the WAS movie idea is wonderful... and we've yet to sit down for the WAS Book...

Me said...

Ok in your movies... come on and do the Godfather series, for the love of God...

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