Jan 29, 2009

Sorry I'm late: 7 Things about Me.

Totally random, here I go.

1) I really hate voicemails. I only like the ones that say: Hey I'm (person), call me back. Talk for more than 10 seconds and I click delete.

2) I would eat sushi forever. Best food ever.

3) I recently started sewing to avoid watching too much tv.

4) I have one secret that no one knows and I will never tell.

5) I wear a coral bracelet for protection that I never take off. Even if I wear a ball gown. Might be superstition but it works constantly.

6) I still get goosebumps every time my boyfriend kisses me on the back of my neck, and we've been dating for years...

7) Even though I can't shine like my grandma (look it up), I can see and feel when people are bad or wish bad stuff to you. It's like they are surrounded by something dusty. Sometimes I can feel the bad energy coming from them. It's something that has taken years to understand and accept. Those people I never give even a chance to get closer and my gift has never proven me wrong.

There. Sorry if I'm late... I was just trying to think of 7 things that I haven't already written about. And that itself was soooo difficult... Hehehe.


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