Jan 2, 2009

Top 10 lessons I learned from 2008

10. Sometimes you really have to think selfishly. I know it sounds like shit, but honestly, so often we put ourselves in crappy situations merely because we think of how much we're needed. "This needs to be done right now", "I'm needed.", "I have to do this", "No one else can do this but me", etc. etc. etc. Really, taking one for the team is not all it's cracked up to be most times. Some times you are truly appreciated and often times you have to do it for yourself. But occasionally try not giving a fuck and leaving with a valid (albeit bullshit) excuse. The work will get done and pandemonium will not break out.

9. Respect yourself by ensuring others respect you. I was grossly direspected in March of this year which led me to quit my job at that time two weeks afterwards. It is not a decision I remotely regret. I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life because I didn't have to insult, scream, or break anything to make my point.

8. Careful how someone leaves a company. If you aren't, there might be further repercussions than just losing one employee. When I left that hell agency in March, I was not a happy camper and I wasn't the only one. What a coincidence that three months later two artists from that same agency were working where I was.

7. Life is like a gumball machine. Sometimes you get your favorite flavor and sometimes you have to suffer through some licorice piece of shit gumball.

6. Some people have issues, other people are working on their tenth volume.

5. Shitty people get good jobs. Insist on letting karma do its job or letting things fall from their own weight because taking a shitty person on is asking for trouble. How do you think they got their job in the first place?

4. Being complacent is the first ingredient for misery. Know when to be demanding and know when to actually be complacent.

3. The older I get, the more I like Blues music.

2. A positive mindset will translate into positive experiences. It's not just psycho bullshit and it's not just a sales pitch for motivational speakers.

1. Karma should be observed from ones personal experience for it to take shape and push you forth into calmer waters.

If any of this makes sense and works for any of you, feel free to use and share.



warren said...

6. Some people have issues, other people are working on their tenth volume.


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