Jan 15, 2009

Well, hi there, stranger...

If you clicked on a Facebook ad and landed here... welcome my friend. The door is open. Walk in and enjoy the anger. Granted, the rants have diminished a bit, maybe we all started drinking the cool aid, maybe not. We write about anything we want to, adorned by a lot of swearing. Why? We like it. We love words like cocksucker, douchebag, fucking fuck and shit.

I will bet my ass you will laugh at some point during the week. Maybe we'll get you thinking about stuff as well, sometimes we are too analytical of whatever comes to mind. We also cover movies (lots of them), music, viral videos and scratching your balls at work.

Let me give you the basics of the wonderful writers that work their asses off to make you do all the things I've mentioned before...

Joker = Just stand back. This man has a grudge and he will make everyone pay. His hatred for the business is in top shape. For me, he's the Lenny Bruce of the bunch. In a world of drawing inside the lines, he colors on the fridge, the walls and your face. He is the reason that cock fingering is king in this blog. Why? He tells is like it is and doesn't avoid one single bad word. I find myself reading just to see how creative he gets with the dictionary. Recently he abandoned advertising for good, and if you track back, you'll see why. He might be the youngest of all of us, but we all agree that he has lived way more what the holy fuck moments in advertising than the rest of us. So beware when he's angry. He will rip you a new one.

RestrictionsApply - The guru, the master. He's the calmest, strategic and deep thinker, we might call him as our guide. If you need to get a clue about how fucking weird this business is, ask no one but him. He has been working at this shit for more years than the rest of us, hence his calm stance about stupid things that make us go nuts. Just remember never to write anything about Brand Engaging or Witty. When the rest of us are angry about one client who made us move the logo to the right .05 inches, he's there to remind us that this is all bullshit, we are not curing cancer and that we should just move the logo and go home.

Me = Um... shit I've never had to write about myself. Well, if someone gets offended reading anything here, I'm the one to blame first and foremost. I started this as a way to write one Saturday Night if I can remember correctly, and days later I thought... maybe some of my friends would like to join in the fun. I write about whatever comes to mind, mostly personal stuff (some I've had to delete because it gets too close for comfort)... I stopped being angry a couple of years ago, but still I find some idiotic thing that makes me go Hulk. I receive one or two emails a year from WAS readers at adssuck@gmail.com, so if you would like to write by all means start writing.

The rules of WAS are: no names or real places, no advertising agencies will ever be revealed and some stories are changed to protect innocent bystanders. We never rat ourselves out to anyone and we ask if you catch us writing a post, please for the love of Satan, don't go telling your coworker that we are the ones shitting all over the internet. But and a big but, we would love to receive the dirty laundry that you might have to offer, and another thing is: we never tell who wrote the two or three emails that we have received. If you write to us and want your name in there you have to tell us because the norm is that we protect you as well.

So have fun, read until your eyes pop but one thing: if you loved any of the posts, please send the link to one of your friends. As you might see, this blog is not only about advertising, we cover all the shit under the sun, so maybe one friend isn't enough. Try to come in daily if you can, because we try our best to write every single day.

Again, welcome. Oh, and Advertising Still Sucks. Big time. Huge smooch, Me.


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