Feb 4, 2009

Face it, some days you just want to be over

Some days are great.

Some days are normal.

Some days are chill even.

But some days........ well some days you just truly want to get them the fuck over with.

I'm not saying today is one of those days, though it was a couple of bullshit strokes above par. I'm just saying that I do know what a truly shitty day in the context of a cushy work environment is all about.

Your computer might be spazzing, you might just get one bullshit fwd in an entire week when you just want someone to send a message and show they care, you might have had your significant other cheat on you with an inanimate object, your choice of poultry, a magical lima bean from the super market and your aunt Tilda. Maybe you fucked up and had five people bust your ass on it. Maybe you had your period and really didn't need some asshole to ask if you had your period because you snapped at something that deserved a snap regardless of your hormonal state. Maybe you broke a nail, chaffed your ass, splintered your bung, sat on a staple drank what you thought was your coffee and turned out to be someones office spitoon. Whatever it is, sometimes 24 hours (and much less when you think about it) don't pass fast enough.

To boot, as if you called the bullshit brigade to rain poop on your parade, shit keeps going wrong. A button from your shirt comes off, your high heel breaks, your soda was hot or the sandwich you yearned for was discontinued.

Yes folks, some days blow more than a hoover during an atomic power surge. But guess what, there's good news at the end of the inverted brown rainbow. There's a tomorrow. There's the chance to look back at what will be yesterday and just insist that the day was a total dick. That you won't do anything of significance on that day and be it passive aggressive in nature, it's better than nothing.

So here's to a tomorrow just in case today sucked rhino dick.



Thinking In Vain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thinking In Vain said...

This is my F*CKING WEEK.

Sorry. I feel better now after that outburst.

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