Feb 13, 2009

Five Careers that would have defined: Me

Every once in a while, most of all when you are working your ass of at 1 in the morning, you sometimes find yourself nightdreaming of the what if's in life. What if I would have chosen a different career? Which one would I choose right now instead of making the Body Copy a bit more bigger and the headline a bit more crappier? Food for thought, every single time, right? Let's see, I'd choose:

1) Writer
Definitively. It's in my grandfather's blood and I am proud to be a carrier. There is no greater thing in this world than doing this. I would write anything. Be it a journalist, a magazine writer, a novelist... whatever. The sad thing about being a copywriter is that you never fully give your all because someone else always shits on it and you have restrictions of space, content and even time. I started this blog out of that hunger to write what I felt, what interested me and without it I sure would go fucking bonkers.

2) Lawyer
I would have been a great prosecutor. When injustice comes and I know someone is guilty, I go for the jugular. There is no greatest pleasure than proving, bringing evidence and arguing a point. Searching for evidence and proving it to be true gives me a rush like nothing else in the world.

3) Photographer
That comes from my mother. She was a great photographer when she was younger, in her twenties. (Who else remembers stuff from when their mothers were that old? I know, it's priceless for me. Stay tuned for the next post) I found myself from an early age taking photographs and I even almost changed my Bachelor's Degree when I made a Photograph Exhibit in college. But I thought that I would starve from hunger so I went the advertising route. What a shame...

4) Painter
Another thing that comes from Grandpa and his love for art. He used to teach me about the greats when I came home from school - he tutored me after hours for years and I learned more with him than in any school or college. This is what I studied, art. I painted for all those years and I sure enjoyed it with passion. It sometimes makes me melancholic of what could have been if I had stuck to my guns and gone off to paint for a living, but again, I heard one of my teachers talking about how great I wrote and how good a copywriter I could be and... I just bought the bullshit. I miss painting quite a lot.

5) FBI Agent.
A gun? Shooting people? Yeah, my cup of tea. The one thing that I do in real life that is sort of the same is Paintball and... there is no other feeling like shooting a gun, even if it's filled with paint. Two big reasons why I never even explored what option? I know I could not kill someone and I'm too short. And yes, I am not kidding.

So there you go, my five "what if's". What are yours?


RestrictionsApply said...

1 - Professor (history or anthropology)

2 - Park Ranger

3 - Veterinarian

4 - Musician

5 - FedEx dude

Me said...

You have to explain Park Ranger, asap...

RestrictionsApply said...

Park Ranger: Outdoors, fresh air, nature, beauty, sun on your skin, government pension, light exercise daily, etc. How do you compare that to a cubicle farm with flourescent lighting?

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