Feb 14, 2009

Five careers that would have defined: Joker

Been lost a while, I know, but I think I'll be posting a few things the next couple of days now that I have some energy and time.

First on the laundry list of things to write about are 5 career paths that I would rather have than the one I currently do. Having changed industries 3 months ago (though still doing some similar work), this post now results in an interesting exercise since now that I know that it is feasible to be able to switch industries as long as my skillset is applicable, well the sky's the limit.

So what's on my list?

#1. Writer. First and foremost I find myself continually looking for day jobs as a writer of sorts while pursuing writing on my time off. Few things really satisfy me as much as writing creatively so imagine my surprise, frustration and anger at seeing that an ad Copy Writer is really fucked over by the system at every corner and castrated creatively at the smallest sign of client resistance. As for writing creatively? Well that's how I get my shit together regardless of where or what ÍIve worked at. It's how I express the oddest most creative things in my life and I'm proud of every shred of paper I've ever dedicated to a poem, a song, an idea, a story, an essay, a post... anything. Anything that has me with a pen or a word processor putting my thoughts down for others to share my madness, I can't help but enjoy. In my life, I've won a first prize for best poetry and a third for best short story. I obviously put this career at number one because honestly, it's the career I want to pursue full blast if I happen to succeed. But more than that, I write not because I want to be famous, but because I really enjoy writing. Attention and notoriety are just collateral for the initial satisfaction I get from writing for myself. True I may have a lot of things to write about from my life, but for the most part, I write fiction though this entire blog is a big heap of non fiction. I've posted many times about my book on here. I'm still at chapter 37 but mainly because I hadn't organized a set of characters I'm going to delve into from this chapter to the end. Not much time to elaborate a character? Damn right it isn't, that's why I'm already thinking of a storyline that will continue within the reality set forth in my book. Weird. Well that's the point, it's a never ending segway of stories and mind fucks and I can't help but love how all the things that make me who I am come out in between the lines. Conflicts of faith, intolerance towards racism, sexism or mysoginy. You name it and I see it on those lines I've put down, and I can't help but smile at what I create and I just hope someone else will find enjoyment in the trips I take down what the fuck avenue.

2. Musician. I echo Restrictions in this career path but I have to stress, all I write, play and sing is for my satisfaction first and foremost. That's why I love Pearl Jam and other such acts. They've always been true to themselves and opened their arms to fans so they can hitch the ride and see what's crawling up on their head. I have about 30 or so songs I've recorded on tape and I'm going to be working to put them down digitally. Will it suck? Will it rock? Will it be interesting? We'll see if I don't post some on this blog so you can support or mock as you see fit.

3. Tour Guide. How's this for fucking random? But I honestly do enjoy giving tours from random places I know about and would truly enjoy getting all the possible info about a place or a series of places to offer a real tour. Plus, I'd always focus on offering off-the-beaten-path alternatives obviously without leading to thoughts that I'd knock out the tourists and steal their kidneys or something of the sorts. I just find that the most frecuented places on tour are often not the most memorable.

4. Teacher. Still confused? Well I'd be an asshole teacher to start off with most of all because I think most students today really truly don't give a damn, don't give a 15% effort and could care less what they do with their lives as long as they get paid... and I think there's something really fucked up with that. At the very least I would hope to be the type of teacher that really teaches and who becomes a fixed memory in the mind of a student. Am I asking for too much? Who knows? Maybe I'll give a class or two to find out.

5. Stand up comedian. One of my greatest heroes is Bill Hicks. I think the service of comedians like Hicks, Carlin, David Cross, Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Lenny Bruce and Doug Stanhope is that honesty is their policy and comedians to me play a vital role in keeping things real regarding life in general. Though it is aiming high, I would love to one day be able to tell jokes that stick with someone as much as these guys have done for me. Will that happen... Well I am working on a standup bit so hey, maybe I can get lucky and make a funny joke, or maybe I'll just have to wear a wig like Chris Crocker and offer to suck off an inflatable donkey covered in jalapeño marmalade.



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