Feb 2, 2009

Movie reviews should be done by professionals? Really?

Click at the name of the post and see why I'm kind of going what the fuck right about now. You see, I don't get it. If I have been watching movies for an entire life, I should be allowed an opinion. We all should. Amongst the many reasons why we go to the movies, the single most powerful reason there is is this: word of mouth. If we see something good, it is completely natural to tell a friend or two about what we saw.

For those of us who have a blog, it is just logical to broaden our "friend zone" and tell anyone there is under the sun about a flick that sucked beyond belief or just shined brilliantly. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. So when someone is bitching about the fact that everyone is getting their movie reviews from the internet and not from so called "critics", that pisses me off.

We are all critics. We have the right damn right to say what we think of a film. Come on, honestly. We all have paid good money, have gone to the theater quite enough to have an opinion on what's good or what sucks. Think about it! If I wasted my good earned money on a turd of a film, I will gladly tell you about it so that you can save that money and wait for it on HBO. If something was astounding, I am the first to help the film in promoting it as much as I can. So what is the big deal if I have an opinion and I didn't go to film school? In fact, I almost went! I have spent so many goddamn money on them, I should be given at least an honorary degree, dammit!

Granted, there are a few people out there who think that, for example, PS I love you is the greatest film ever. That people should be shot down and not be listened to, even if you are about to die and you get to rent one last movie before they fry your brain. Ok so those people are not reliable in movie reviews. But come on... if you have done your homework, if you have seen the classics, I don't see any difference between us and the average movie critic. Sorry, don't see it.

I'm not saying that any of our reviews are the rule of the land. We've been biased and even wrong a couple of times. People have written back and given us their opinions and it's all good. But to discard what the internet is saying about a film or two is just wrong. Dammit, the internet elected an incredible president. It was because of our voices that the United States has Obama in the White House? So now our likes and dislikes are ruining the profession? Fuck no.

Besides, if it wasn't for the internet bloggers, many of independent and wonderful films would not get any publicity, period. Most documentaries would come and go without two people renting them. Great actors would not get as much recognition as the average movie stars. So what if we didn't love Batman's voice in the Dark Knight? Do you think that that movie suffered because of our reviews? Not by any means. I just think that this is all bullshit.

What do you think?


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