Feb 3, 2009

Resolution Revolution

Resolution Report!

So 2009 is off and running and a month has already gone up and passed by beneath us. Yeesh. Well at the beginning of this year I’d said I’d be doing a monthly report on the status of all my resolutions and see how it all pans out month by month. That being said, I’ve been jotting down my progress in a notebook as well as just keeping tabs on what I’ve been up to, so without further ado. Here they go.

On the physical spectrum of life, I started getting into a routine a bit late so numbers are a bit low in that section but they’re coming along and the more comfortable I feel with my routine, the sooner I’ll be able to increase the amount of reps to be performed. For now though, here’s what I have so far:


Bicep Curls
200 / 5,000

Butterfly curls
200 / 5,000

200 / 5,000

150 / 10,000

Jumping Jacks
450 / 10,000

300 / 10,000

Miles run/walked
0 / 100

Yoga classes

Hours meditated
0 / 100

I’m more than clear that I need to work on my running/walking, meditating and yoga pursuits. The first two I can remedy while yoga will have to wait til I’m able to pay it without a hitch. As for the rest, finally getting into a routine so booyakasha for me. I expect a big bump in numbers by the end of February.


Freelance jobs
1 / 8 freelance

If by any chance someone needs a freelance copywriter to help em out, feel free to ask. Starting the year a bit slow, but hoping things will pick up. Only time will tell though.

Work proposals
3 in progress of 10

I'm actually about to submit three proposals this week, so wish me luck with those new things. Hope it's something that'll help me.

Work on portfolio

Haven't done much of anything with this but thinking of talking with the artist from my company to see if he isn't interested in doing something random for our portfolios.

Starting the year off slow in terms of freelances, but fret not, 11 months to go. The proposals are projects I want to submit officially and I’m still fine tuning a couple and waiting on responses from other people. I haven’t worked on my portfolio, but have drafted some ideas for stuff I want to do.


Surf Sessions
6 / 50

I'm extremely satisfied with the rate I'm surfing and hope to keep it up to meet the deadline. Hoping I'll have a chance to surf on a weekday either afer work or during a random surf lunch. I've done it before, just have to be super efficient with my bullshit excuse, that's all.

Swim / bodysurf
0 / 10

As long as there good surf I don't expect this number to go up. Besides, I'm pretty sure this is a more summer activity.

Local tourism

No plans yet. When I get my credit card all paid for I'll start doing a couple of fancy trips with ma Mrs.


0 / 5

Yet to go to one. Shame on me, then again, I did mention that thing about wanting to pay off my credit card right?

0 / 2

None yet, lets hope this changes.

Writing with Pen & Paper
Could write more but not completely negligent. Lets see if I can keep working on the book and looking for an excuse to spurt some ink. :)

1 / 40

Paul Blart: Mall Cop – Honestly, it isn’t bad but I was expecting much more from the movie. It’s like it didn’t try its best to really be a great comedy flick and everything felt rushed and under developed, especially my laughter. Oh wait, there wasn't much of that going on either. Just barely passing grade for me.

Watch DVD’s I’ve bought

3 down lord knows how many to go.

Pi – Darren Aronofski is officially one of my favorite directors along with Kubrik, Sam Mendes, David Lynch, David Fincher and Ford Coppola. I’m looking forward to seeing the Wrestler. Wow, that last sentence was the biggest understatement yet.

Escape from New York – A new Guilty pleasure if ever I saw one. John Carpenter is campy at times, but I can’t help but love his style. Snake Pliskin is the shiznit.

Inland Empire – David Lynch is so far removed from reality that I can’t help but enjoy his what the fuck moments. Not my fave Lynch flick, but a worthy add to the collection and proves that no one can do surreal like Lynch. I can only think of Frank Miller's S.P.O.S. (Steaming Pile of Shit) The Spirit film and see how fine a line absurd surrealism traverses. On top of that, I can only nod in approval at the ease with which Lynch makes a WTF movie that can’t help but capture my attention.

Videogames finished
3 / 20

Zakk and Wikki – Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure – Wii

Fun filled puzzle game that is way harder and gratifying than its kiddy look insinuates. If you own a Nintendo Wii and bitch there are no games to play, I hear ya and feel ya. But you can pick this one up for $20.00 brand new and see if you have what it takes to pass a game that is just what the Wii needs more of. Excellent game and gets my nod of approval as one of the ten games you HAVE to buy for your Nintendo Wii. Please, be a sport and trust me on this one.

Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes – Game Cube

It’s been a long time coming, I know. But I finally started playing the MS franchise and DAMNNNNNNNNNN this is some great game playing. I knew I was missing out on something big, but though it should have been obvious, I'm still extremely impressed.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty – PS2

Though I liked some elements from the first game more, including the boss fights, this is still a kick ass game with depth, good writing and engrossing gameplay. Already playing MGS 3 and I know I'll probably hope to buy a PS3 to play #4. Seriously solid game playing.

Books read

Yeah I know I'm slow on this, but I do a lot of reading in airport terminals, flights, doctor's appointments or when fixing up the car. None of these have happened lately, explaining why I'm so slow on this. Might have to drop the total to 20 at this rate to be realistic.

2nd book of The Bartimeus Trilogy – The Golem’s Eye

Great series if you like quasi kiddie fiction. There’s some great dialogue and literary devices used that I can’t help but enjoy. It’s a slow starter but once it picks up, it’s pretty hard to drop.

Playing guitar

Not playing five times a week necessarily, but doing pretty good and sometimes playing more than an hour to make up for lost time


Get new computer

Looked into options, pricing and payment alternatives. As soon as feasible, will purchase the unit. Probably going to purchase an iMac with some software that could be the digital music recorder I need. We'll see what happens.

Net connection

Looked for info. As soon as things settle, this is mine. Can’t stand dial up one more second.

Digital recorder

N/A Read above


Save Money

N/A Still paying off a few things. Should be able to start this up by Early March at the latest. Wish me luck to be able to start saving up for the wedding peeps. :)

Gotten every one... for now

Mom’s cakes
Minimal help, could do more. Lets see what I can do to help.

Coordinated to donate $200 for one cause, will look into an additional one and if I get a super beefy freelance I'll probably donate a part of it.


Learn / record songs
N/A Haven’t looked into it. Won’t forget though. This seems like one of those resolutions I might botch, but not intending to do so.

Learn Random Info
The usual fare of random stuff. This is such a given that it shouldn't be a resolution but might do a mini series offering interesting wtf tidbits.

Read the news
Doing pretty good. Can always read more but it feels good to be able to answer to most comments made by people relating current events.

Retake French
N/A Haven’t looked into it. I suck I know.

Dance classes
N/A Need to look into info pronto


WAS posts
18 / 200

With this one have two or three more on the way for tonight, but counting up until this post.

Posts in other blog
0 / 100

Damnit.... lets see if February has me getting my shit together.

Finish book
Still in chap 37 but hoping to get some writing done tonight and this week.

Write short stories
0 / 10*
Have one I’ll write this week probably. Hope I don't procrastinate too much. It's a boxing story. Not totally sure what I'll do when I finish it, but I've been meaning to write this for about 8 months. Just letting it simmer in my mind a bit.

Essay project
0 / 20
Need to get focused on this. I think it's a work with great potential. Lets see if I don't dick around too much.

Draft story arcs
0 / 3
Could be doing much more, will try and focus on finishing the structures. I've jotted down a bunch of ideas but haven't organized them yet.

WAS Movie
Still pending
Some great ideas come up though and will start drafting a storyline soon.

Progress reports
1 / 12
this is the first one

Standup piece
N/A – Need to put this in agenda somewhere.

Be more positive
Doing pretty good though I still have my funk days.

Forgive people

Forgotten. Have put to a side the gripes with a couple of people. Or so I say to myself every day. I just got tired no wasting energy on people that doen't deserve to consume me in said manner.

Negative energy

Still focusing and channeling energy for better things like a cuss filled post. More on this soon. :)

Love Mrs. Joker

Oooohhhh yeah - more each and every day. That's actually the easiest one of any list because few things come more natural to me than love this girl.

Lets see how I do in February though.



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