Feb 11, 2009

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex ROCKS!

If you are not planning to visit Ohio... ever, but you would like to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, no worries my man or dudette. NYC, the capital of the world now has it all: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex!

Guys, what a treat. I recently came back from a weekend in my beloved city and one of the best moments spent - and money - was there. Just 25 bucks and bingo, you are celebrating the one thing that makes us all happy across the globe - MUSIC!

The Annex is located at 76 Mercer Street. You might think that it's a bit small but sorry my friend, you're in for a fucking amazing experience. Just check your coat and turn off your camera - you really won't need it and besides, there are no pics allowed, period.

Enter and you will get a great movie tribute of all the artists you love - trust me, when it was finished, I had clapped, screamed, banged my head... and it was just starting. The expo comes with a wireless sort of iPod that you carry all around the exhibit - and it activates different music, depending on where you are standing. AMAZING!

For me it was a treat because of one thing: the day we came in, there were a cool group of people, ranging almost all ages. And all of us, I mean ALL OF US, ended up singing and dancing all over the exhibit like idiots. The power of music and it's effect on us is celebrated here like nowhere else, trust me. You will leave wanting to get back in - I sure did!

What can you see in this exhibit? How about... John Lennon's piano? Check. Blondie's outfit with blonde wig? Check. Letters from Paul Simon to Art Garfunkel? Check. CBGB's awning, chairs and even sound system? Check. Handwritten material from all your loved artists? Check! You will go nuts, believe me.

So please, if you go to NY it will be a crime if you skip this little place in heaven. Loads of Rock and Roll love... Me.


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