Feb 10, 2009

Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden? A review

Dear FBI - you can stop reading this post, this is just a normal review of a flick I just saw. Thanks and keep up the good work!

So yeah, I just finished watching Morgan Spurlock's Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden. If you don't know who Morgan is, just click away to Netflix and rent Super Size Me. (Oh and try to eat a Big Mac after that one)

The basics? Morgan is about to be a daddy and suddenly he starts wondering how safe is the world for his newborn. Aside from natural disasters and other bad stuff, there is terrorism and the bad people that market it as a way of life. He wonders... Is the world safe with Osama around? What motivates people to blow themselves up for a few virgins in heaven? Will it make a difference if Osama is still around? And most of all... How the fuck the WORLD has not found one single guy? So then, he does the unthinkable - he leaves his pregnant wife to search for the Evil doer himself.

What comes out of this great documentary is an exploration on, in my opinion, how completely fucked up our views are regarding... well, each other in the world. Morgan interviewed loads of people that are affected directly and indirectly with Osama's views and impact. In fact, when I started watching the movie I thought: he will just find loads of fanatical dudes screaming Death to the Infidel, that's about it. Not so.

He found that the majority of people living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Egypt and loads of other places are not following the feared and very well hidden Osama Bin Laden. They disregard anything of what he portrays. I found that this movie was an eye opener in so many levels... Listening to people say that these terrorists are just a few bunch of fanatic assholes who make everyone else look bad was not what I was expecting.

Morgan found out that mostly all the people in the world had some strong views against the US government - remember, this movie was filmed while Bush was still in office - but they didn't hate the Americans as a people. Well, I can very much agree that US has shit somewhat Foreign Relations and that some people out there just saw the Bush-Government as bullies... but there was a glimpse of hope about love and understanding, if you looked deep enough, and Morgan sure did, you could find it.

Where in the World makes a scary point: Osama is just a man. Granted, he now has convinced a shitload of other douchebags to fight in many places around the globe. But stopping one man will not end terror. In fact, just talking and restructuring Politics and Politicians may do the trick. If we all stop and listen, if we all just try to get along, if we just sit down and agree to make peace, then the movement started by one man will slowly end.

What scared me the most was one thing: everytime Morgan tried to find out what people knew about Americans and viceversa, you got people influenced so much from the media that it was astonishing. Not one fact was absolutely right, from either side. It scares me shitless to think how much bullshit we get from our news sources because if we don't have all the facts straight, imagine how the other world thinks of us!

So, if you can, Netflix it. Trust me, it will enlighten you. Nice work, Morgan. And congrats on the new baby boy!


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