Jun 22, 2009

Band of Brothers: ANVIL!

This past weekend I had a Birthday Getaway for both Me and Travis at Manhattan (Yep, we're one year older and wiser this month). Among the many different things we wanted to do, we decided to hunt down the ONLY movie theater that had Anvil to see what all the buzz was about. (East Village, don't remember but can look for it if you want)

Dudes and dudettes out there. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS FILM. You gotta call up your local theater and ask for it to be played. Demand some Anvil near you!!!

What a great documentary, dammit! Anvil is the greatest flick about one thing: true friendship. Um. Shit I forgot Rock and Roll. So it's two things. Unless... You count Rock apart from Roll... So it's three? Hm. LOL.

Anyways. I've tried to follow Metal Music as much as I can but I always land on the basic or most famous ones. Anvil passed by when I was a teenager without me even glancing at them. But for some people out there, they kind of remembered that band and thought... Where the fuck are they, anyways?

Well. That, in itself, is the documentary about. One band that could have made it great... but didn't. Two guys who wanted fame and just could not make it. What do you do when you love to do something but it's not giving anything back? Well, according to Anvil, you just keep doing it and doing it and doing it... Until maybe something happens.

What I loved about Anvil was how simply funny and sweet that movie was. You laugh silly hundreds of times and you even can shed some tears at one point. The guys from Anvil have had a very tough rock and roll life, but you're there with them wanting the band to make it! You are sitting there just hoping. Like they are. Like they have been doing for ages now.

The thing that kills me is that this is one of those movies that if people don't ask about, it will go on dvd to be forgotten. This for all I know is Spinal Tap, the actual real documentary. And I AM NOT KIDDING. THEY ACTUALLY GO TO ELEVEN at one point of the movie. I almost died from laughter.

So come on. Help the guys out. We already know they are on Tour with ACDC. But just ask for Anvil. You'll be glad you did.


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