Jun 10, 2009

Moving my resolutions

If you've been reading this blog during the year, you know that I had some resolutions I wanted to document every month and post on my progress. Well thanks to a shitty connection, I missed like 4 months of posts, but I've been doing good on trying to keep tabs with the posting. Anyways, seeing as these posts are super long, I'm deciding to move them to my other blog or else I risk displacing all recent posts in favor of something that shouldn't be this space consuming, but hey such is the post. Anyways, if anyone is interested in seeing my results, I'll either send the link or post them on a mini post such as this one. Anyways, will be posting some other random shit soon, so stay tuned.



Jake P. said...

Where's your other blog, eh?

Teenie said...

Anyways, nice to hear you're keeping up with the resolutions!

Joker said...


I actually write in three blogs. My main one is and shall probably always be WAS, but recently I've started contributing to lasereater.com, and my own blog is smilingonthego.blogspot.com. It's a much mellower side to me(I don't cuss on it), it's bilingual and has a very different feel to it than what I write in either of the other two blogs. Feel free to stop by and by all means drop a comment.

@ Teenie:

It's been a challenge but I think I might make good on a good chunk on the truckload of resolutions I had set up. I'll post a link to the resolution post soon just in case, but no worries, I'll keep writing here because there's just too much material for me to effectively complain about :D

Thanks for keeping tabs though.

Cheers to both and all who read us here.

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