Jun 30, 2009

That One Special Place that you gotta see before you die.

We started off with Carradine and now have ended with the King of Pop. June ends and trust me, I'm tired of talking about death. Not one single person is allowed to die this month, dammit. Wait until Wednesday, ok?

Anyway. I was channel surfing and I heard the term Bucket List. While I didn't particularly love the flick, it does have a interesting point in exploring all your wishes before you see Buddha, God or Satan - which ever you choose. You have to live and enjoy life now before you expire, right?

So I'm not going into a full Bucket List. We've done this experiment in some way a couple of years ago. But... if you only had one place to go before you die, that one place that is very important for some reason that you be there... which would you choose and why? No caveats. Just one place. No second runner ups, no backup places. Just one.

My place? Tibet. Why? Apart from the fact that it seems to be an incredible and peaceful place to be at, for me it would be like the hardest dream to make true. This is not an easy trip to achieve. Paris, London... even Tokyo seem like just normal everyday places to visit. When was the last time you heard someone talking about their last trip to Tibet? Besides making it will mean for me that I can do whatever I want in my life. Getting there will be hard, walking up the mountain will be even worse. If I make it, I lived.

So, that's my single bucket list place to be. What about you?


Alex Chesbro said...

110,000 feet above sea level. Or whatever it takes to break the record for skydiving. Joseph Kittinger jumped from over 102,000 feet in 1960, and the record still stands, as far as I know. He put at least 90% of the earth's atmosphere behind him.

If it's the last thing I do, I want to put 99.9% of the atmosphere behind me.

I don't want to travel to some royal palace, or see some rare piece of art. I want to see our blue marble as part of a 20 minute free-fall.


How many people get to see the curvature of the Earth? I hope that I get that chance.

(Video is part of Boards of Canada's music video for Dayvan Cowboy, if you're interested. And yes, that is REAL FOOTAGE.

Joker said...

Bali. Long barrels, purple sunsets, friendly people. Sounds like my kind of place. Give me a guitar, some notebooks, DVD's and my favorite Lady Joker, and I'm set for life.

Joker said...

By the way, Alex... friggin amazing video and though I was tempted, I won't say ditto. But kudos for a bloody wonderful goal. hope you achieve it.

Jake P. said...

To really appreciate Kittinger, you need to read his bio. Total, 100% awesome badass!

I think the record does still stand:
In 2008, two attempts were scheduled by two teams, one British, one French, to try and exceed the altitude record that Kittinger achieved. Neither attempt took place, due to technical reasons. The British parachutist Steve Truglia, is a 43-year old ex-SAS soldier and stuntman, while Michel Fournier is a 65-year old French retired French army officer.

Fournier was featured in an article in Wired back in 2002, while his website shows he has been planning this mission for over 17 years. In 2003 the attempt was aborted when the balloon tore on launching. No explanation is given why the 2008 attempt did not take place, though it looks like he might have run out of funds.
From http://newsfeed.kosmograd.com/kosmograd/2009/03/kittinger.html

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