Jul 9, 2009

5 Movie Monologues that define: Me

Our friends at Film.com are doing the best thing ever: they compiled, according to them, the 50 Greatest Movie Monologues.
Since it has been a while since we've done the 5 Thing Series, I took the liberty of choosing my top five from all their choices (which were pretty damn good).

These are my all time favorites, in order. Click at the name of the post to see the complete Film.com list!

1) Pulp Fiction

2) GlenGarry Glen Ross

Godfather 1


Fight Club


Alex Chesbro said...

Oh man. 1st honorable mention for Ed Norton for 25th Hour. I'd put that right after Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. What're they thinking?!

RestrictionsApply said...

“The Third Man”, when Harry Lime delivers the famous cuckoo clock speech. The drama!The tension! The Big Reveal!
See it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZg8a0nqjTE

RestrictionsApply said...

Let's not forget the great Gordon Gecko in "Wall Street"...

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