Jul 10, 2009

Commenting on the BIll O'Reilly vid

Here's what happens when a comment goes out of control and basically becomes a post...

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton might be emotive speakers that can tug on the heart strings of black, white, yellow and red america, but sometimes they seem like black versions of Ross Perot. While one is a crazy ass texan that doesn't make any sense, Al and Jesse often do themselves disservice by not measuring their own words. That's an opinion, a very personal one but I won't back down, because while I listen to incredibly inteligent black people talk, we repeatedly turn to these pillars of the black community to offer racially biased opinions that are just as racist as any redneck's, except that it comes from the counter point. Bill O'Reilly does have some points but he also eventually goes on the tirade, which is a shame because where he at one point HAS a point, he eventually shoots himself in the foot.

Here's my take. Michael Jackson was a hell of a performer. He was an icon. He revolutionized the music industry and took entertainment to a whole other level. Talent seeped from every pore, bleached or not. He had issues. He had major issues. He had oodles of issues. He had countless procedures done or at least it seemed that way. He grabbed his crotch way too often. He was NOT a pillar of the black community because he did not wave the black flag. He wasn't a token white boy for whatever accusations you might wish to entertain because of whom he kept associations with or his physical appearance. He was truly and honestly the first, full blow and by far the BIGGEST world phenomenon ever. He had Americans, Europeans, Asians and pretty much anyone with an ear drum crying if they saw him like he was some frigging pope. He was accused of child molestation. For the longest of time the shoe fit. The Jesus Juice thing didn't help matters much. He was creepy. He still didn't seem like the child raping kind. Maybe he seduced them and called it fair game. Maybe he didn't. We will NEVER know. Never as in NEVER. Everyone will speculate. Everyone will be a Michael Jackson fan for three months. The jokes will start bad and just get worse. He's dead. He won't come back from the dead thriller style. Everyone weeps for him. Everyone wept for Anna Nicole Smith. Everyone wept for Heath Ledger. 99% of the people didn't mean it. In this case it might be more true since most of us have some type of michael Jackson memory and I fondly remember Captain EO. Facebook wall posts will mirror the MJ media coverage and eventually people will find something else to hate, weep over, make fun of and masturbate to. Michael Jackson was not a hero. He spent too much money. He left the monkey 2 million dollars. He wanted to be Peter Pan. Did I mention he was creepy. Yeah he was creepy. He helped out charities. He was no saint. He seemed like a troubled albeit nice and timid guy that transformed into a crotch grabbing phenom. Everyone has an opinion. And this is just part of mine.


Me said...


I posted the video because I watched it and actually got nausea from the fact that at one point in my life I have agreed with old Bill.

The good thing is? He fucked his point and came back to being normal and idiotic. If not... and I agreed with him completely, I would have gone to a dark alley and shoot myself in the head.

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