Jul 10, 2009

I'm going to kill myself: O'Reilly may have a point.

Shit. This one is too tough to call... Opinions???


Thinking In Vain said...

I agree with him up to a point. I think the media attention and some reactions were seriously over-the-top. I mean, I understand TV stations like E! doing non-stop coverage but the CNN coverage (and other stations like it) was borderline ridiculous. And these are the same stations that were making jokes as little as 2 months ago when he made his tour announcement.

But some of his points are based on fallacies and I find that a little on the irritating side.

I agree with his sentiment but not the way he's making some of his points.

Make sense?

Me said...

I agree on the coverage thing and (gasp) even a little on the turning white thing. Vitiligo? Yeah that theory can go fuck itself.

The fact that everyone is now claiming that this man opened doors is a little bit too much. And a true hero? Come on man.

The "We are the World - but I'm going to keep on spending like crazy" argument was the winner. I curse you O'Reilly for having a point there. Dammit.

Alex Chesbro said...

I agree with both of you. I agree with Bill O up to a point. But after that point, he just goes off the "Bill O Deep End." Most of his arguments about the coverage were fine. Most of his other points were fine as well. But his "a cowardly media will go after any story for ratings" just pissed me off. Because, you know, that's how Bill O runs his job. But hey, that's just me.

And my ex-girlfriend had Vitiligo. A small case, to be sure, and only on her stomach and feet. But, she was Italian, and you could definitely tell that something wasn't right. Now...if Jackson had a seriously fucked up version of Vitiligo, I can see that happening. However, Vitiligo doesn't fuck up your face, sorry.

Anyway, I've had lots of people watch this, and it's spot on. Talking about the hypocrisy in the media and what not...


Me said...

I agree. At one point he comes back to just shitting all over things as usual.

I just don't buy the vitiligo thing. Really, white all over? Come on. Besides, this week all kinds of video have appeared, all stories have emerged from this and that. You mean to tell me that the process of becoming ULTRA PALE WHITE was not documented as well?

Now, you gotta give it to the man. Michael opened the door for Obama? Holy Christ what full of shit statement.

shaun. said...

i do agree...but as alway orielly is an ass on delivery. but to the point of mj "opening doors," i thinkthat is a fact. he did open up doors for pop culture, music and african americans alike. whether he meant to or not. and the fact of the matter is...mj did and does inspire millions in different ways. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there is a reason (besides his fallacies) tha the media is riding this mans death.

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