Jul 8, 2009

Introducing the WAS Music Festival!

We're accepting requests... This week is all about music that rocks. Join in the fun and start giving us links so we can all boogiee oogie while we work. First artist in our line up? Are you... Ready for... Tight, white jeans? Are you ready for THE fucking greatest moustache of all time??? ARE YOU READY FOR FREDDY?

Ladies and Gentlemen... Live from... Um... Why Advertising Sucks... Ok sort of taped but... fuck it...



Alex Chesbro said...

I've been in an Andrew WK mood for about 3 fucking weeks now, and I don't know why. I saw him 3 years in a row at college. Best small show ever. 100 or so people crammed into a space the size of a living room, with no stage and his full band. I think I like him so much b/c his energy is always through the roof. And it's good music to box to.


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