Jul 21, 2009

The Law of Marginal Contribution

So you’ve spent all night working on that killer ad. You were given as little information as possible and you still came up with a brilliant piece. Pure genius! You present it to your crew and they love it. You show it to your team of AEs and – shit! – they like it too! You head over to your VPs office and… the bitch has one comment. “Why not change this color to that, to make it pop out more?” She may also say something like “Wouldn’t it be better if this word were in bold?”

That’s the Law of Marginal Contribution. There’s always an idiot who feels the need to make that one stupid comment that ruins it all. It’s almost always a dumb comment that makes absolutely no difference to the quality of the ad, but it gives her the sense that she did something – in the capacity of Queen Bitch – to make the ad “better”. Oh yeah, putting that word in bold is really going to improve client sales by 20%. It’s almost always a case of You say tomay-to, I say tomah-to.



Anonymous said...

Ah yes...in our case, we usually get THAT comment from a client's wife...who took a marketing class or likes to fucking draw. GAWD!

Teenie said...

Oh, we have certain clients like that. They create an endless trail of make this blue! make her 5 years younger! find the exact same (royalty free) picture but make it late afternoon! change "great" to "fantastic"!

No kidding--the time and money wasted on pointless comments is absurd. Don't people know the difference between an opinion and a good concept? You may not like yellow, ya eejit, but it doesn't change a dang thing! Except finding a new pic will cost you $120 of the AD's time.


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