Jul 2, 2009

Prison Blues

I’m currently watching The Office via Netflix and came across an episode that explained so much to me about the realities cubicle life. In the episode (Season Three, Episode 9, “The Convict”) a new group of employees joins the team and it turns out that one of the guys had done some time in prison for insider trading. Of course, everyone is curious.

When he describes his experiences in the clinker, they all realize that life in prison is better than life at the office:
- Prison cells are larger than cubicles… or “work stations”, if you prefer
- Prisons have mandatory outdoor time several times during the day
- You get fed in prison. In the office, you only get fed if you’re burning the midnight oil
- In prison they have lights out, ensuring that everyone gets a good night’s rest
- Prison cells have windows’
- You don’t have to toil away all week just to spend what little free time you have available during the weekend mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries, running misc., and fixing shit around the house.

I can’t remember the rest, but it was hilarious. When sharing his experiences with his coworkers, even the ex-con realized that prison life wasn’t too bad when compared to the “time he was doing” at the office.

Is it possible that our jobs are our very own ball-and-chain? Does this explain why we feel “free” when we are not at work? Food for thought.


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