Jul 11, 2009

WAS Playlists #1

Since Me had the brilliant idea of the WAS music festival, I wanted to give my stab at something to add to this.

One video selection

Thirteen songs

Four albums

These shall reflect what I'm in the mood to listen to and things I think most people should check outwith links reflecting my mood or what I'm listening at this moment. The video will be a standout, the tracks will be a variety of artists with links to their youtube vids, and the four albums are all over the place from my collection. Feel free to comment or ask about any particular selection.


Video Selection:


1. Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice - To Love somebody

2. Silverchair - Emotion sickness

3. Band of Horses - Act Together (Cover song)

4. Manchester orchestra - I've got friends

5.The Who - Baba O'Reilly

6. Reef - Place your hands

7. Soundgarden - Mailman

8. Filter - Trip like I do

9. James brown - it's a man's world

10. Stone Temple Pilots - Pretty Penny

11. Fear Factory - Zero Signal

12. Alice in chains - rooster

13. Pearl Jam - Given to Fly


I. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

II. Silverchair - Diorama

III. Soda Stereo - SueƱo Stereo

IV. Culture - The international Herb


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