Jul 7, 2009

We all die at one point, right?

Just finished watching the Jacko's tribute and suddenly a question popped in my mind.

Quick Question alert!

Who would you love to sing at your funeral?

Which artist would make you go "Yeah, my death rocks"?

You have to give me a name and a song. Start typing...

My choice? I'll be seeing you sung by the greatest ever (and alive still) Tony Bennett.

No need for casket, people. Me wants to be cremated. Burn baby, burn.


RestrictionsApply said...

Prince, "Forever in my life"

Alex Chesbro said...

For memorial service to please the religious people in my family:

Andrea Bocelli: Nessun Dorma

For when the party starts, viking style---funeral Pyre:
Andrew W.K: Long Live The Party

Teenie said...

Paul McCartney--The Long and Winding Road. Followed by Here, There and Everywhere, which was our wedding song (to the bewilderment of the other half--but I had to decide in 10 seconds!).

Lucila said...

I want Juan Manuel Serrat singing "Lucía" and the gran finale would be Elton John at his piano singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

Me said...

Dang since everyone is playing two songs, the second would be Sexy Motherfucker by Prince. LOL.

Lucy your choices are brilliant!!!

Joker said...

I actually gave this some long thought. If it has to be one, I'll say Pearl Jam Around the Bend... if I can choose a second, before ATB I'd like Pearl Jam's wishlist.

@ Res: going out sexy like, kudos.

@ Ches: hahaha may it be long a hearty.

@ Teenie: You can't go wrong with Sir Paul.

@ Luci: Excelente selección.

@ Me...: With Tony you had me sold. With SMF, you have me wishing you a happy sexy afterlife.

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