Aug 25, 2009

5 Podcasts that define: Me

It started with a little bit of YouTube. First, a little bit of Ask a Ninja (before they got famous and didn't crap all over the show) Sxe-Phil, William Sledd (I am a girl, sue me), Jon LaJolie. That was fun while it lasted.

Then, a little bit of clicking and bingo, I had my podcasts, for life. I was set. Not watching was simply painful. And then, my TiVo did something that was simply amazing: it started to download them direct to my Tv. No more downloading from my computer, no more streaming, no more little screen. Now I get to watch them on my huge ass tv. I am happy.

So since it's been a while, let's go to those special Five things that define us and let's discuss: Five Podcasts that define you. Ok, so define is a strong word for this particular post, but let's play along, shall we?

So in order of preference:

1) Diggnation.
Started watching extremely early on, from the twenty somethings. Two years and some change has gone by. The guys still are awesome. They drink, they swear, they talk tech, entertainment and stupid posts. I gobble it right up. Apart from being the nerd's ultimate podcast, you get to learn about shit that you are too tired to look for in the internet. The only bad side is that if you read Digg, you kind of know what's coming up in the show. Since Digg is on my iGoogle page, sometimes there is no surprise for me but... I can't miss one episode. I love those two guys.

2) Totally Rad Show.
This one I got to watch from the start. Let me tell you, if Movies and Videogames are your shit, this podcast is definitively for you. They sometimes discuss Comic Books and TV shows as well, but I always watch the first two chapters, movies and videogames. The movie reviews are very good, but you gotta know the guys first in order to know if you'll like the movie or not - they're three dudes with very different opinions. I have agreed with them on some and totally hated movies that they loved: but still, I cannot skip even one.

3) Epic Fu.
Now this is one painful subject. This was one 5 minute podcast that anyone being in advertising, design, internet and simply cool ass living just HAD to see. Just five minutes of your life and it had soooooo many interesting things that you had to pause it every 20 seconds or so to look for the cool pages that they featured. They suddenly disappeared from my TiVo and the net (website still working), claiming that they were doing some changes. This shit happened in May and no news yet. Sucks.

4) Sentimental Choice - SxePhil
This is the one YouTube podcast that I don't watch that often anymore but it's because I forget to look for them. Phil is still funny and witty. Ok. Witty sucks as a word, but trust me, Phil writes some funny ass shit still. I made a promise to start watching again 'cause this dude is going to make it someday.

5) Keith Olbermann's Show.
Since I don't want my TiVo to get crammed with daily programs, Olbermann's show is one that I click in his website to watch. This may not classify as a podcast but... um... I make the rules! Ha! Um. Where was I? Oh! Instead of getting day by day Keith, I cram a month of news goodness in one sitting. This man is my first source of news, period. If you haven't seen his rant "Gay Marriage is a question of love", watch it. You'll be a better person for having seen that clip.

So there it is. Now, share with the group, will you?

Love you long time, Me.


Alberto Olivo said...

WOW!, 3 podcasts out of 5 (Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show and SxePhil)...if it wasn't for the Star Wars vs. Star Trek issues, :P

Have a great day WAS crew!

RestrictionsApply said...

I only listen to two, so I can't crack the top five:
- This American Life
- Fresh Air w/Terry Gross

(I'm an NPR elitist, sorry...)

Me said...

Ah... Star Wars vs the Awesome Trek. Food for another great post. Coming soon, my friend.

Res: try listening to Randy Rhodes show. Cool ass chick, lefty as hell.

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