Aug 5, 2009

Are we on WTF week or something?

Just... um. Click at the name of the post. Really. I'm not going there.

This is just... Eh... Sad.


RestrictionsApply said...

It's from Japan... of course!

golublog said...

It's very awkward to watch indeed.

Joker said...

"the latest masturbation innovation from the geniuses at Tenga"

"tenga Eggs are quick and quality masturbation aids for men, and they come in SIX stimulating varieties of internal design."

Ok... there's a TV ad for a jackoff tool.... and I used to have trouble putting any type of innuendo in a copy. As for the product itself. It's disturbing enough to know there's a large market for jackoff toolery, but the fact that people can choose from six tantalizing varieties is just too fucked up to ignore.

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