Aug 31, 2009

The Divine 69

My lady friends, us men are twisted, juvenile, visual, often superficial and hornier than a water buffalo. At any point of any day, ANYTHING at all can cause sexual thoughts in our penis diving brains and just so we make this clear, this didn't start with the first dry hump that chaffed our penises. From the earliest days in our lives, sexual tension has been charging up in our nether regions and all kinds of things have coupled with a generous libido and that first time we thought we'd broken ourselves while cleaning ourselves.

Yes my lady friends, us men can find carnal expressions of our fantasies in just about everything and pry long enough and be open enough about it, and you'll see that your man has alaundry list of dirty things on his mind that he'd love to do to you.

So I got to making yet another list.. From a top ten, I went to a top twenty, then to a top forty until realizing that I could actually make a list of 69 of the most desirable women that don't exist that have at one moment or another soiled my thoughts with impure imagery ripe for the Japanese hentai market.

I discussed the list with various close friends and it was unanimous... we're all fucked in the head and have our own list of personal demons when it comes to women that do not exist that left a hell of an imprint... so throughout this week, I'll be offering the Divine 69... 69 women from cartoons, videogames, comics or whatever animated medium, that made me soil my inner child's pants.

Feel free to comment and by all means, disagree, it'll spice things up.



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