Aug 4, 2009

Fanboys. Stupid but Funny.

Yesterday night the Netflix fairy came to my place and delivered a couple of movies. Amongst them, a small little flick called Fanboys. The agreement was simple: if it sucked, we were going to press "eject". No if's or but's about it. Deal? Deal.

Let me tell you, this is just one of those movies that requires stupid when describing it... but boy is it fun. Fanboys is a simple story. Four guys decide to break in the Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in order to see Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace. They will drive in their "sort of Millenium Falcon Van" for 20 something hours, get inside the ranch and hopefully get to see what they have been waiting since they are nerd kids. Simple. To the point.

The movie is not your run of the mill comedy. In fact, don't expect too much. If you are a true Star Wars fan, or you enjoy anything sci-fi, then maybe this flick is for you. If you are a total fanboy, then run to your local video store, this sure will be a gem for you.

It's not consistently funny, but you will get a chuckle or two all the way through. The actors are not huge stars, that's a plus. But you do get cameos from Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams and... the one. The only. The greatest of all time. William. Alan. Shatner. YES! YES! Fucking EPIC SCENE!

The thing about this movie is, if you ever went to a comic con, if you loved Star Wars or have been in a serious "Why the fuck did Leia kiss his brother twice" conversations, compared Star Wars to Star Trek... then Fanboys will deliver. Think about a movie that doesn't need to have a consistent line of thought, just random scenes that make you giggle and go... shit, we are all nerds deep inside.

Why did it connect with me? Dudes. I actually drove for two and a half hours to a movie theater WAAAAAAAAY far away from the comfort of my apartment that year in order to watch and hear Episode 1 perfectly. I even stayed at a hotel to do this. Oh and I took the day off from work. So yes, I qualify as a total sci fi geek. I remember driving and thinking... shit the line is going to be fucking awesome. I still remember that night. Maybe because it rocked, the whole idea. Maybe because I left the theater thinking... Jar Jar can suck a donkey dick, that movie sucked because of that idiotic character. Oh and Mannequin Skywalker (Aka Young Darth). Aaaaaanyway...

Would I recommend it? On a heartbeat. Then again, I am a FanGirl, so bear that in mind. Is it for everyone? No way. You have to have a little bit of nerd/geek inside you.

So there, if you're interested, by all means rent away. Here's a trailer to get you curious. Enjoy. Oh. Live long and prosper. The force sucks balls.


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