Aug 6, 2009

GI Crap? A sort of warning-review.

Ok first of all, I have not seen this movie. Let me get that out of the way. I am still writing a sort of small warning, based on what happened yesterday night. Travis and a buddy of his went to see GI Joe at a sort of premier. On the way home, he called me. This is a short rendition of the conversation. Most of it is verbatim. You be the judge.

"Hun... I'm done."

"Hey babe! How was it?"

Long silence.

"They destroyed one of my childhood heroes."

"Fuck, that bad?"

"It was really bad. It felt like watching a late night sci-fi tv program. Do you remember that people used to say that the Transformers script was bad? That was nothing compared to this. We sat there saying what the fuck..."

He arrived home looking like someone died, basically. My warning is: usually Travis nails his reviews, dead on. If a movie sucks in his opinion, trust me there is a good chance it TRULY sucks. We have almost never disagreed on a film and it's not because he loves me long time, if you know what I mean.

He now approved this review by adding: that movie blows.


RestrictionsApply said...

We knew this would happen when we caught a glimpse of this back at Comic-Con 2008, though not to this degree...

(Did you notice how I snuck in that Comic Con reference?)

Me said...

How could you not? LOL.

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